Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Only Way Forward: The Manpurse Returns

Review/Recap of - 24: Live Another Day, Episode 3: 1:00 pm -2:00 pm

We're a fourth of the way done with Live Another Day. I don't know how I feel about this. But let's fly the SPOILER WARNING flag and away we go! -

Well, the poop hit the fan pretty darn quick last time, so let's see how many ways it can get spread around. When last we left Our Intrepid Fugitive From Justice, Jack and Chloe were tracking a girl who ditched her blonde wig and Russian accent in favor of this year's "Starks of Winterfell" look (tell me that girl was not a perfect blend of Sansa and Arya). Lieutenant Tanner was in it Thick and Deep with the British government and citizenry. Agent Kate Morgan is one badass mofo and she is hot on Jack's trail. And President Heller is going to be eaten alive by Parliament, but he's going in with a smile on his face and you just can't help but love the guy.

- I've missed the old "Previously on 24" recap segments with the character names. In fact, I think all shows should do something like that. Would make putting characters with actors a whole lot easier (and it also mean that I don't have to called Margot "Lady Stark" anymore. Even if her quaint Yorkshire cottage looks a hell of a lot like Winterfell).

- Of all the weird little things to be happy about, I was ridiculously glad to see Jack's trademark manpurse make a triumphant return. Not as much when he had to ditch it at the end in order to create chaos and mayhem. I'm sure he'll get it back - or one like it. Jack/Manpurse - OTP!

- At first, I thought we were going to get Jack berating Chloe for letting Simone al-Starkzi get away (it's what I'm calling the terrorists from not-Winterfell - get over it). I guess I was better at avoiding spoilers than I thought because I totally thought Chloe and Morris had divorced and Morris had custody of their son. But nope - 24 wants to get in on the Kill Them With The Feels action this Finale Season (damn you Castle!!) and we got the heartbreaking tale of How Chloe Lost Her Family and Was Inspired To Turn To A Life Of Living On The Edge (from soccer mom to a Wikileaks punkass - seriously????) Sheesh - I just got the pieces of my heart back together from the Once Upon a Time finale and now you've just destroyed it! Might as well leave it on the floor until Friday, I guess...

- Mark Bordreau is an ass. First he gives Heller a mental beatdown, then he forges the president's signature on an executive order that will turn Jack over to the Russians (beyond the shades of petty jealousy overshadowing that action - shouldn't that be twelve kinds of illegal??) And he treats Audrey like... well... a fragile keepsake that can't do squat for herself. Yes, I know she's been to hell and back, but still!) A rational person may look at Mark's actions and think "well, yeah, that make sense!" But I am not a rational person. I watch 24 - where morality is Whatever Is Good For Jack and the points don't matter.

- Speaking of donkey's behinds - Adrian Cross takes on a certain south-end-of-a-northbound-horse quality when he gets all huffy about Jack taking things over in Open Cell and proceeds directly to screw up the fake credentials meant to get him into the US Embassy. Though I loved his line - "Has anyone mentioned your rather rude habit of asking for favors accompanied by the threat of a gun?" Dude - that's the Bauer Family Crest. Where have you been?

- We got to spend some quality time at not-Winterfell - a quaint little cottage with a quaint little English garden and a quaint little - surveillance and targeting system locked down on a crapton of London landmarks. With Head Mom In Charge Margot, whose actress once played the honorable and demure Lady Catelyn Stark but is more along the lines of Cersei Lannister in that she's the boss and damn if anyone's going to take that away from her! Even her own children are not immune from her visions of World Conquest because they killed the love(s) of her life (I thought they said she'd been married twice - both times her husband was killed - but I could be wrong. I'll have to double check). Complete with sort-of Doctor Who connection in that Sascha Dhawan plays her son-in-law (he played Waris Hussein in last year's 50th Anniversary special about the genesis of Doctor Who). All we need now is Benedict Cumberbatch (or somebody from Sherlock) to make an appearance and we'd have representative from most of the main UK-based fandoms represented.

- Ladies and gentlemen - Agent Kate Morgan. The only one with the cajones to take a hardened criminal and threaten to turn him over to a rival gang if he doesn't help her find the fugitive that she's looking for. It's a mark of truly great character writing that you not only root for your hero, but also the people who are trying to bring him down. More of her, please and thank you.

- Poor President Heller. He goes in on good faith to address Parliament about what happened with the drones and the MPs go straight for the throat. And damn Prime Minister Stephen Fry for selling him up river like that (oh yeah - remember that Stephen Fry is in this? He hasn't had a whole lot to do just yet, but his time will come. You can't get an actor like him and not use him to the fullest extent possible).

People Jack Needs to Meet and Soon -
- Audrey. Because I need more angst in my life
- Margot. Because she needs a hacksaw to the brain (spying on her daughter and son-in-law doing the nasty?? ew ew ew ew!!)
- Kate Morgan. Because I miss Tony Almeida and Kate is the closest thing I'm going to get (not that I'm complaining! Hell, if we could have a whole season of Tony, Michelle Dessler, Chloe, and Kate being Jack's cavalry/backup band, I would be one happy little fangirl).

With that, Jack kneecaps a few people in the mob and runs directly into the Embassy to... shout down President Heller? Make out with Audrey? (I will go down with this ship!) Free Lieutenant Tanner after proving that he's innocent using nothing more than a pipe cleaner and a roll of Scotch tape? That's next week! 

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