Friday, August 21, 2009

Packing for College is Not Like Getting Transferred

Now, I've completed four years of college and I will likely complete 2-3 years more (I'm a glutton for punishment). And I am fully aware of of what I'm about to point out - but I've never though of it before (since I had never been on a mission before).

Packing to go to college is nothing like getting transferred.

I hate packing. It's so stressful. And I've been in a weird summer-isn't-over sort of denial mindset the past month (holy crap - I've been home a MONTH?!). So, while everyone else is going "Yay - COLLEGE - OMG - I'M LEAVING!" I am going "i donwanna..." That makes things worse. But - I'll probably be over that once I'm in Logan. Maybe.

Feh... the stress is only beginning. Starting next week, I must find some kind of job that pays some kind of money (preferably American money). And I really ought to hunker down and research MLA programs. All the while setting aside time for Institute (that's not hard) and also carving out some time to work on writing. That last one is going to be the most difficult since it must be a self-motivated project. I'm not getting graded on this - only in the category of "Dreams Achieved." But I'm going to try limiting my leisure TV/Internet intake and see if I can't use that time more productively. If I have time to channel surf, I have time to write (Facebook to a minimum; Twitter is strictly off limits; MySpace is equated to Playboy on the list of acceptable sites).

Unrelated side note that I must share: The Tintic School District is giving all their students iPod Touches for school. Since the district is so poor (or good at playing the beggar), they're giving the kids iPods so they can store their textbooks and things on them. Supposed to give the kids all the most up-to-date information while saving money. Alison was just talking about it. I think they even get to keep the iPods for personal use (like, storing all their Taylor Swift, Hannah Montana and Lindsey Lohan songs. Nothing says "Back to School" like "The Best of Both Worlds").

I am insanely jealous. Not just because my iPod got the lost the first week I was home (I'm still boiling over that. That and my laptop crashing. Luckily, I had all my music and computer files backed-up. BACK UP YOUR FILES, PEOPLE!!). But I had the idea back in middle school that they could seriously save money by putting school textbooks in a computerized format. Oh well, I guess my younger sister gets to benefit from my "brilliant-yet-unpatented-idea." But I can say that I thought of it first - and people thought I was nuts...

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