Monday, August 24, 2009

So - I Broke Down

While I was on my mission, my laptop crashed. Thanks to my super-computer-intelligent-type cousin, I got it back up and running, but it was back it was when I first bought it (thankfully, I had the foresight to backup all my files before I went to Florida). When I got it back, I resolved that I wouldn't hook it up to the Internet because it's so old and my family said they'd replace my computer.

So, I'm back at school (sort of) - but I need internet and what-have-you. Thus, my old dinosaur Lappy is connected to the Utah State internet - I figured that's safe. Plus, the aforementioned super-computer-intelligent-type cousin showed me a few free virus protection programs (which - I used to have the $70 Norton deal - but that only lasts a year. And that's well passed).

Job Prowl Progress: Applied for 4 jobs - 2 of them gave me a short interview on the spot. One looks promising as long as she has a place for me. That was all this morning, then I stopped for lunch and had planned to go to a session at the Logan Temple - except I didn't know the Logan Temple was closed on Mondays. Booger... Maybe on Wednesday.

Once I get my job schedule, then I can go volunteer at the library, thus earning brownie points for that "I... am a Librarian!!!" career. I did get to look at some grad programs - so far I've looked at Alabama and Denver. Alabama doesn't require you to write a thesis, but I haven't found any assistanceships yet. That is going to be a mandatory thing for me - do I look like I have money for grad school?

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