Monday, May 3, 2010

Have a Nice (Power) Trip!

"24" tonight - and the countdown begins! Sorry I don't have a snarky video to go along with this.

Before I proceed, I have to say something - I know all my rehashes sound like I'm too critical of the show, but you have understand something. If I like something well enough to dedicate full posts to it in my LJ, you know I like it (unless I come out and say that something is really, really, REALLY stupid - and you can typically tell when that happens). This is all just fun and games and to show my love and adoration of "24." What can I say? I don't have a boyfriend (oh wait, yes I do - his name's Tony Almeida ^_^)


President Taylor was in a press conference all episode, which I guess gave the Wilderness Youth Counselor license to play Executive Order the entire hour. And it seems he hires just-as-inept people to mole into CTU for him (dumb woman can't even figure out what a login is... feh... well, I suppose that means she fits in). And he wonders why he lost the White House.

Question - If Chloe is over "the rest of CTU's operations" and Chuck is taking over the manhunt for Jack, what does that leave for Chloe to do? Pass out peanut butter sandwiches at the UN? Please...

Dana is a sneaky twisted little twat. Again, trying to revisit all of Nina's shenanigans into one season is a daunting task (and I'm glad it didn't take three seasons for Jack to shoot her. Live and learn).

I wonder if Arlo is the next to go rogue. He looks like he's starting to smell a rat.

Question (part 2) - What if Dana just came to get the safety deposit box on her own and got the little knock-out-bomb herself? File it under "Dumb Villains," I guess. Again, not the brightest crayon in the box.

Here's something for the "I Can't Believe They Missed That" file - When Dana's getting all her personal effects out of the bank box, she stuffed a wad of cash in the waistband of her pants right above her behind. But when she was getting chased by Jack through the warehouse, she bents over so you could see her back and the cash wasn't there. It might have slipped down her buttcrack, but I doubt it. Another case for longer shirts, I guess.

Though, I find it funny that she ran down the street and then took her high heels off. In real life, it'd be the other way around. How the crap did she run in those? I've tried - it can't be done. This isn't anime, after all.

Does Cole live or die? Depends on what kind of bomb that was - seemed like a cheap way to knock the guy out (or am I missing something here?)

Next Week's Promo: Not much to really squee about except - OMG WAS THAT DALIA HASSAN WITH A GUN IN THE MALL??? 'kay, I'll wait ^_^

So, I know this is kinda spoilery and lame, but they aren't going to kill Jack. Not when they have a "24" movie in the works. Yes, there is going to be a movie - and the script has been completed. Honestly, would they make a "24" movie without Jack Bauer? Now, they might kill him off in the movie, but that's the movie. At the end of the season, Jack will live. I would (almost) bet the farm on that (though, I seem to remember saying I knew nothing about gambling, so that's purely metaphorical). Sorry if I ruined your day.

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