Friday, July 9, 2010

Dancing Out a Samba!

By a miracle (or simply because Mom was bored and needed someone to go with), I wound up seeing "Toy Story 3" tonight.  Before I continue, my sisters noted on Facebook about my "Eclipse" review, so I know at some point they'll be reading this *waves*

(Two movies this summer I really liked - "Iron Man 2" and "Toy Story 3" - all in one video!  I love this guy ^_^)

That's about all the Spanish I know.

Proving once again that good things come to those who wait - this was an awesome movie.  And not just because it made me a little bleary eyed at the end (just got some popcorn dust in my eye or something...)

Actually, I got to thinking about when I first saw "Toy Story" - it was the Christmas I got my "American Girl" Kirsten doll (which I still have).  AND - I used to have one of those rolly-eyeball-phone deals.  Ah, the memories.

I knew Andy wouldn't chuck his toys out like that!  But giving them to Bonnie - aw... so cute!  And the toys all got one last playtime with him and it was just wonderful.

Ken's Fashion Show = FTW!  Barbie explaining what's it's like to govern with the consent of the governed = FTW plus two!  Just - Barbie and Ken - that was funny.

Other things I liked:
- Playing roulette with the Farm Sounds "record" thing.
- The escape plan and how it all worked out.
- Spanish!Buzz (and all the little interactions with Jessie - tee hee ^_^)
- Chuckles.  There was entirely too little of him.
- Lotso getting wired to the front of the garbage truck.
- ahem ... WOODY IS ALWAYS RIGHT, people! (I'm lookin' at you Potato Head)
- Oh - and there was Tortilla Head - and Zucchini Head.  And Mrs. I-Lost-One-Eye-But-Can-Spy-On-Andy's-Progress Head.
- "Border Crossing - Outlaws Welcome."  Not that I'm making any connections or anything... but you know.
- The whole opening sequence was fantastic.  I'm going to sound like a total geek, but that who bit actually sounded like it could be a "Doctor Who" plot.  I wonder if Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat and the gang ever made up crazy stories with their toys as kids (Evil Doctor Pork Chop and Death By Monkeys - Ha-HA!)

Things I didn't like:
- This had nothing to do with the movie, but the lady behind us kept saying things like "Oh my gosh - it's the incinerator!"  Like, really loud.  Like she and her husband were at home watching the movie.  And they didn't even have kids they were entertaining.  Oh, and she kept remarking on how many people worked on the "Day and Night" short as those credits were rolling.  Um, yeah, lady.  These movies take a lot of people to work on - have you seen the credits for a feature-length movie lately?  And her husband kept grumbling "yeah, they probably all got paid too."  Good grief - can you just enjoy the freaking movie without making inane comments??

Okay, I'm done with the griping part.

I was glad that they had the little bit during the roll-credits of Andy's toys fitting in with Bonnie's - that was fun.  I almost expected Rex to be Dixie's "Velociraptor-whatever-whatever-number," but it was great all the same (I'm with Hamm - I think they should do "Hamlet" ^_^)

Personally, I don't know where the Pixar peeps get their ideas, but it's wonderful.  Even during "Day and Night," I was in awe.  I mean, who comes up with this stuff?  It's amazing!  I want to write for these guys - seriously.

ETA: Okay, so goofy me got the subject line wrong, but I don't like to change my blog titles.  So, to make up for it, here's the clip from "Doctor Who" that it came from:

(just a "little" bit foxy? Mm-hmm ^_^)

Coming attractions - Mom is a huge Secretariat fan (not horse racing in general, just Secretariat - I should ask her why, now that I think about it), so it's certain we'll be seeing that movie.  While that trailer was going, she seemed pretty excited, which I'm happy for her.

"Tangled"... has potential, but I'll reserve judgment for when I see it.

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