Wednesday, July 28, 2010

News from The Avengers

Mark Ruffalo is slated to be Edward Norton's replacement as the Incredible Hulk in "The Avengers" movie.

I know, a lot of you are thinking - Why in the name of all that is good and holy am I bringing this up?  I haven't see the Edward Norton version of "The Hulk" yet, though I've heard good things about it.  But I mention this for a couple of reasons -

1. In the last ten years, comic book movies have become awesome.  Helped along by movies like Spider-Man, X-Men, people like myself who weren't usually inclined to care about comic book stories now care.  I mean, I have enough on my plate with Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Fablehaven, Twilight, 24, CSI, Doctor Who, Star Wars - do you know how many story arcs comic books have? Do a Wikipedia for any of the X-Men and you'll see what I mean - how in the world do these people keep this stuff straight?  But a movie - ah, there I can follow and understand what is going on with these characters.  And they all have compelling stories - as good as anything I've read in literature or seen in other shows.  So, while I'm not a fully-fledged comic book nerd, I can appreciate and enjoy this stuff.  And I'm excited about a multi-superhero movie like "The Avengers."

2. I figured it'd be a long shot, but David Tennant's name was floating around there for a bit as being a potential choice for the Hulk/Bruce Banner.  As a fangirl nerd, that would have been made of so much win - especially considering that Robert Downey Jr. is Iron Man/Tony Stark (oh jeez - I just drooled a little on my blog...)  And if they made the Hulk CGI, David could have just played Bruce Banner (whose kind of a skinny, nerdy guy anyway) and voiced the Hulk.  But whatever - you can't miss what you never had (though the Doctor Who crossover parodies from this guy would have been gold).  sigh... I guess I'll just wait a little longer for David Tennant to make his way onto a major Hollywood movie that I would go see.

3. I really don't have a third reason, but it'd look better if I just rounded out the list.  But yay Comic-Con! (not that I ever have any inclination to go... but hey, it might be fun sometime... maybe...)

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