Monday, July 26, 2010

And Yet... SUGARRRRR...

Note on the Great Dog Hunt - no news yet.  Don't know what else to say (still pissed, but Real Life beckons)  Will keep y'all posted.

Shalayne had her birthday yesterday and she got an assortment of DVDs (her favorite!)  One was "New Moon," which Alison said she hadn't seen yet.  So, after a whirlwind Monday shopping trip to Spanish Fork (during which I spent money I did not have.  But those composition notebooks are soooooo preeeeeeeetty!!), we came back home and watched "New Moon."  Alison's review (direct quote, honest to Sparkles): "It makes me want to slit my wrists."

So, in the interest of preventing that from happening, I proudly link to my favorite Twilight parody-ist, Cleolinda! (Link is to her "Movies in Fifteen Minutes: New Moon."  Trust me, there's plenty more where that came from!)

Also, here's a quote from the Master Cleo herself, which I think perfectly sums up the Twilight phenomedazzlesagathing: "It's like I'm in my kitchen and there's that Twinkie sitting on the counter, and I know, I know, that not one single ingredient in that thing originated in nature. "Flour," maybe, and I'm not even so sure about that. And yet.... SUGARRRRRRRR."

I figure that Twilight is one of the funniest things to parody (outside of Cleo, here are three without breaking a sweat.  Okay, two more, just for kicks).  And whether you're a crazed Twi-hard or if you're a scoffer... or if you just enjoy a good laugh at the expense of the scoffers and Twi-hards.  Just enjoy.

I can't resist - one more for the road (and because I'm a competitive sucker):

(click to embiggen)
(More and more I think I was born in the wrong country)

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