Monday, June 7, 2010

Ain't Nothin' Like the Summer!

I know that's from a song, but can I remember which one? Of course not!

I just finished reading "Enchantment" by Orson Scott Card. And can I just say, that was one of the cutest darn stories I've read in a long time! (Obligatory Spoiler Alert!!!) I think I really started to like it when Katerina and Ivan went to Ivan's time and Katerina got to meet his parents (and Ruthie, but I never liked her anyway). That first go-round in Taina was kind of annoying - mostly because Ivan and Katerina were both being twerpy about everything and the townspeople mostly failed at life (with the possible exception of Sergei). But it was cute how Ivan was kind and understanding toward Katerina when she first came through to his time, even though she wasn't when he first came to her time. Anyway, cute story - definitely going on my list of favorites!

I also had my class weekend - I think it's just because I had a pretty stressful week leading up to it, but I didn't enjoy class as much as I usually do. Some of it was fun, but I've kind of been grumpy lately about a whole slew of things that have nothing to do with school. Maybe The Greater Cosmos(tm) just decided I needed to have a downer week for no good reason. Wish TGC(tm) would give me some notice about these things.

But church was wonderful today. There was a lot about being patient and remembering that life works on the Lord's timetable, not mine. And adversity makes us tougher. Oh, and we had a Relief Society presidency meeting this morning and we got our first activity planned and started on getting Visiting Teaching going. And I'm going to be getting a blog set up for our Relief Society so the girls can get online and see what activities are going on. Anyway, church came at just the right moment. I love my calling!

Summertime has officially begun. Which means that I will be seeking out the darkest, most air-conditioned basement to hole up in until September. I hate the hot weather. Since coming home from Florida, I've especially grown to hate the hot dry weather (which, incidentally I grew up in - I don't know why 18 months in humid Florida would make that big of a difference). I like spring and fall weather the best because it's that middle-of-the-road cool/warm. I hate being sticky and sweaty, even worse than I hate freezing. At least when I'm freezing I can put another pair of socks on.

Oh, here's a funny story from the weekend - when I go up for my classes, I stay with my friend, K. A month or so ago, our cat had kittens and K said she wanted one to help keep the gopher population down in her yard. So, over this weekend, I took one of the kittens up to K. Now, I had a box to put the kitten in while I drove up. Most of my trip was out of radio range, so I listened to Glenn Beck's "Arguing with Idiots" audiobook on my iPod. But when I came to a point where I had radio reception, I decided to switch because my friend Sean Hannity was on. Now, up until this point, the kitten was happy and content in his box. But when I switched the radio from Beck to Hannity, the kitten climbed out of his box and demanded that I pay attention to him. He even climbed up to the front seat and under the pedals (did I mention I was trying to drive the freeway at the time?) Anyway, Hannity's show got over and Glenn Beck's radio show came on and I swear, the minute Glenn came on, the kitten calmed down and went back to the back seat and fell asleep. It was the weirdest thing ever. I told K about it (she's a Glenn Beck fan) and she said that we picked the perfect kitty for her (and yes, she named the cat Glenn).

ETA: I am going to be re-vamping this blog because I finally figured out how to play nice with Blogger. So, the boring white space behind this will not be permanent. Just to let ya know.

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