Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baby Picture Time! o_O

For my class this weekend, we're supposed to bring 5 childhood photographs. So, I've been looking through some pictures of me from when I was a baby up through high school. As fun as it is to reminisce and squee over all the memories, it's also a little depressing because I was a really, really adorable child (blonde pigtails, baby fat and everything!) Then I look through all my high school pictures and either I just didn't know how to do my hair (and I still don't) or just something went weird because I don't look as cute as when I was little (frankly, there are some that never should see the light of day ever again!) Granted, I've gotten better since then, but it's so

Oh, and then there's the picture of me when I was 16 - and I freaking look like I'm 10! What the crap? Sixteen's supposed to be this wonderful age where you're all grown-up and an adult and you can drive and have a job and date ... and in this picture I look like I should still be sitting at the kiddie table! It's just unnerving because all this time I thought I was pretty mature in high school, but I don't look like I am in the pictures. ... sigh... it was just weird seeing that, is all.

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