Sunday, June 13, 2010

Whine Time (but things get better!)

...sigh... sometimes, I really really hate Facebook.  A friend of mine from high school recently got married and I stupidly clicked on the pictures on Facebook.  You have to know, I haven't been in touch with this friend for a good number of years and I didn't even go to her wedding.  You know how these things go - who really keeps track of people from high school?  It was a little unnerving to see her married (I have no clue who the guy is) because we were the little tomboys that pointedly avoided dating at all costs.  I know that people change and get older and things... but still, it's really strange.

It's so odd - I see people that I've known all my life getting married and having kids and I'm ... not.  Not that I want to run off and get engaged to the first loser that comes along (one of these days, I should tell you all about the bastard my aunt married - listen to enough about him and you'll be off to the nearest convent), but it's just... bleagh!  You all know what I mean, right?

Luckily for me, I collect things that help me feel better about things like this, particularly music.  I love uplifting lyrics - and they don't even have to be in English!  For example, this song from "Sailor Moon" is amazing.  It's called "Otome no Policy," which translates to (depending on who you ask) "A Lovely Maiden's Policy."  Basically, it's all about being brave on your own even when things are totally going to crap (and if you know anything about the second season of SM, you can tell that it fits the story very well.  At least, I think so).  It's just one of those songs that give me the warm fuzzies and I love it!  Anyway, this video is the full version of it and I've included the English translation.

No matter what pinch I find myself in, I'll never give up
That's right! That's the lovely maiden's policy
For the one so precious to me, who I'll surely meet someday
I'll lift my face up high, and plunge forward.

With a sharp pain, a love is awakening
deep inside my heart.

There is nothing I'm afraid of
A pounding heart is much better
I have big dreams
That's why I go on bravely.

I wait expectantly for more terrible things to happen
I just know they'll be my chance to flap my wings gracefully
Because everyone is so very beautiful when they're serious
Keeping faith in myself, I'll go clearing the hurdles ahead.

The unknown power that rests in me now
Will someday overflow from within me.

I will be what it is I want to be
Those who persevere are great
I may shed tears at times,
But I will still go on bravely.

There is nothing I'm afraid of
A pounding heart is much better
I have big dreams
That's why I go on bravely.

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