Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer Blues

It's that time of year - when it's unbearably hot, you've done everything you wanted with your summer vacation, you are sick of being in the house... and you still have two weeks of vacation left to kill (hopefully before it kills you).

(Side Note: I am giggling over the the little "Happy Birthday Mr. President" the HillBuzz guys gave to Teh One.  Actually, it was inspired by the state of Missouri, but all the same - I love those Boyz ^_^)

While I have officially been hired by the Tintic School District as a Teacher's Aide at West Desert High School, my job doesn't start for two weeks (though I'm hoping I'll be called in for some kind of "Start-of-School-Year" meeting soon - just to get my bearings).  The youth are all at youth conference - doing the trek reenactment thing (personally, I'm glad I never had that "opportunity."  I'm sure it's spiritual and an uplifting experience, but Girls' Camp was enough for this little indoor geek every summer thankyouverymuch.  So, nothing is going to happen in the foreseeable future ("foreseeable" here meaning "tomorrow").

In the meantime, while I am battling boredom and the crazed leftists on Facebook (in my own passive-aggressive way), I have found some small fun joys thanks to YouTube.  And yes, I have movies/shows that I am embarrassed to admit I have watched (this girl doesn't outline any of mine - but I did cringe at the Captain Planet clip on AIDS.  Holy Cheese!) -

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