Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Day and some other stuff

Today was my first day working at West Desert.  Since my job hinges so much on the use of technology, of course nothing worked right, but we knew that the PolyCom system was knackered last Friday, so we anticipated this.  The district's head tech guy came out to work on a few things, so hopefully he got it working.  It really didn't set in how much responsibility this is until today and I got a little nervous.  But now I've had a chance to look over what I'm doing, I think I'll be all right.

Yesterday I went with the other WDHS teachers and staff to a meeting at the district office and I felt really good about this opportunity.  Both the English teacher and the biology teacher are really great and they both gave me plenty of stuff to get going.  Plus, the computer teacher gave me some things to get the kids started there (the computer class isn't PolyCom, but we don't really have a computer teacher - I'm kind of it.  But we're dovetailing yearbook into computer and the kids just need to know enough to pass the state test.  As I understand it, the state test is just making sure they know basic word processing skills - but we're going to do more fun things than that, trust me ^_^)

(There's wasn't really much "other stuff" here, was there? Oh well...)

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