Monday, August 23, 2010

Why I Love Facebook

(x-posted from LiveJournal.  I don't usually post things in such quick succession, but this was too good to pass up).

For all the weirdness and crap that gets put on Facebook (not to mention the associated shenanigans), there is one good reason to love Facebook.  That is - when you have a friend that says "I know a guy that you should totally meet," you can check out said friend and see if truly he is all that he's cracked up to be.  Over the weekend, a friend of mine linked to a blog that belongs to a (male) friend of hers and told me to read it and maybe sometime, if I was interested, I could meet this friend.  Well, I looked at his blog, which was okay.  I mean, it's not anything real snazzy, but it's heartfelt and honest.  Then I got the wild idea to check and see if he had a Facebook.  I found that and started looking at a few things there - he seems nice enough.

There's nothing groundbreaking here.  And I know that someone's going to come back and say "But doesn't it bug you that people can look up your information or find out what you're doing?"  And honestly, it doesn't.  I mean, I don't post anything too personal (though some might debate that) and most of what I post is stuff I want people to read and (hopefully) respond to.  To be sure, I still have things I keep personal and private, but I keep that in a pen-and-paper journal I have stashed... somewhere in my room.

I have ideas and thoughts I want shared.  And the beauty of the internet is that I don't have to dink around with a publisher to get them out there.  I type it out, put a picture or a video to illustrate and go on my merry way.  And it's a ton of fun.

(That actually turned into two good reasons to love Facebook.  I love a tangent ^_^)

Video: This has nothing to do with anything here, but it came up in a Facebook discussion I had with some of my Emporia colleagues (weird word, colleagues - anyway...)

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