Monday, August 30, 2010

Hey, Look! A Distraction!

If summer 2010 was the Summer of Nu!Who, then the fall and winter is going to be all about Classic "Doctor Who."  A kind internet friend pointed me in the direction of a website that has the old school DW posted and I've started from the beginning and am currently in the middle of the first appearance of the Daleks.  Some thoughts -

- After sitting through all of the new series, it's funny to watch the Doctor's first encounter with the Daleks.  Of course they're not going to help you, you crazy old man! (But it is funny to think that one day the mere thought of the Doctor is going to scare the Daleks spitless.

- I think that the series at the very beginning was less about the Doctor and more about his companions.  At this point, I think Susan, Barbara and Ian are much more interesting than the Doctor and I'd rather see what they're going to do.

- And can we say canon discontinuity?  Holy cow - I thought the Doctor played with radiation in the nursery! (and likely Susan, since she's the Doctor's granddaughter).  A brisk jaunt through a planet drenched in the stuff shouldn't be such a big deal.  Also - how the Daleks are built and operate... ah well, when you've had a whole list of creators and producers over the years, you can forgive a few inconsistencies.  You have to love TV Tropes in this case.

- The caveman episode turned out to be more likable as it went on (I've heard people tell me to just skip it and go on to something else, but it was endearing - mostly just to prove that the Doctor is indeed a time traveler).

- And the same sound of the TARDIS made me squee.  Good to see some things have stuck with the show through the years.

Stay tuned for further updates! (Personally, I can't wait until I get to the Peter Davison episodes! ^_^)

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