Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh... Duh...

In the midst of my tired-and-snarky ramblings, I forgot that I actually had something relevant to update with and have had for a long time (I imagine that feeling is similar to the feeling one gets after just sobering up.  But I can't say with any kind of certainty, having never been drunk and never planning on it).

I was scrolling through here and realized I had yet to post this video here!  And it's my favorite that I've made (so far).  It's "Falling for the First Time" by Barenaked Ladies and it's centered on Donna Noble, the Doctor's companion in Series 4.  Watch the video, then the description and my thoughts on Donna are below that.

(Goes without saying that there are spoilers)

The first time I saw "The Runaway Bride," Donna just grated on me.  Maybe it was because I was still in mourning for Rose (having become quite the Doctor/Rose shipper - honestly, what's fandom without a good ship?), but Donna's abruptness was such a stark contrast to Rose's understanding of the Doctor that I couldn't stand the woman (and who in the world would not want to travel with the Doctor?  I credit the writing skills of RTD and company for creating such a well-rounded cast of characters - all with their own personalities and motivations.  I can only hope that readers will someday say the same of me.  But I digress).

Then Series 4 came along and there was "Partners in Crime."  Holy crap-on-a-cracker - I began to LOVE Donna!  Maybe it was seeing her home life - that her mother didn't believe in her and she didn't even believe in herself - possibly seeing that her failure to get married compounded the list of perceived failure she'd already experienced (still living at home, being a temp) - no wonder she sought out the Doctor.  There was a promise of adventure, yes, but also the promise of someone who would see past Donna's faults and find the gem of a person she really was.  It didn't need to be a romantic relationship, per se (shoot, the Doctor later calls Donna his best friend) - just the fact that Donna was validated in her life's decisions, and by someone who's opinion mattered (Of course, Wilf had a high opinion of Donna, but it, was one of those things like "Oh, that's just my crazy grandpa - he loves me, but he has to say things like that.")

The series' crowning moment is the DoctorDonna - all of a sudden, Donna single-handedly saves the entire universe, purely by accident (or so it seems - was Dalek Caan orchestrating some of that?  That's another discussion for another day).  The best line of the entire finale (maybe even all of Series 4) is "Did I ever tell you - best temp in Chiswick?" rivaled only by Doctor 10.2's assessment of the reason for Donna's sarcastic nature: "I can see, Donna - what you're thinking.  All that attitude - all that lip - 'cause all this time - you think you're not worth it.  Shouting at the world 'cause no one's listening.  Well, why should they?"

Eventually, Donna gets to see what the Doctor sees in her and it likely saves her life.  Not in the sense of being hauled back from the edge of a cliff, but it gives her something to look forward to - just like with all the Doctor's companions. Of course, to have that growth and experience taken away from her is tragic - it's terrible.  And I love, love, LOVE the Doctor's parting words to Sylvia: "Maybe you should tell her that once in a while" (I think it's the tone of his delivery that I love more than anything - like, how dare anyone suggest Donna is less than she is).

Of all the companions I've seen, I think I relate to Donna the most.  And maybe we've all felt that way sometimes - that we have to be funny or smart-alecky or sarcastic in order to compensate for our shortfalls.  Maybe we haven't gone as far as we know we should, even if we've come far enough.  And it takes a friend like the Doctor to point out those things.

Personally, I don't think she ever completely forgot her time with the Doctor.  Somewhere in her mind, her subconscious reminds her of the important things she learned.  Maybe she doesn't recall the Ood or the Sontarans or the Daleks, but she remembers someone who brought out the best in her.  I have no canon proof to back it up - just my own thoughts on the matter.

So anyway, this video is my salute to all the wonderful, fun, quirky, inspiring things about Donna Noble.  And this song is one of my favorites from one of my favorite bands and it works so well with Donna.  The funny thing is that I originally was going to use the BNL song "It's All Been Done," but I ended up wanting something a bit more meaningful and "Falling for the First Time" was next on the list.  Listen to the lyrics and you'll see why I switched to this song.  It really illustrates the way her personality and outlook on life evolve throughout the series.  And the tune is fun and catchy - you can't be too depressed around Donna (in spite of what ultimately happens to her).  I deliberately did not include any Donna clips from "The End of Time" because that's not what I wanted to focus on.  What can I say?  It's Donna!  Just watch it and have fun.

(I have another video I was going to post here, but this ended up being so long that I'll post it another time).

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