Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Turkey Day! (and NFL Picks)

First of all - do you know how hard it is to find celebratory videos that are purely for Thanksgiving?  Not that I'm complaining - because I love this old classic:

(originally from here, but I like embedding videos, so YouTube it is!  Except when they block stuff I make).

ANYWAY... another grand Thanksgiving tradition at our house is football and this year is no exception.  There's the traditional Lions getting their butts kicked games on Thanksgiving, plus the end-of-season Utah-byu rivalry game on Saturday.  Say what you will about it - that's how our family rolls ^_^

So - onto the picks!

New England @ Detroit - Tradition dictates that the Lions play someone we absolutely hate on Thanksgiving.  This year will make for bloody interesting conversation because little cousin Johnny loves the Patriots, but nobody else in my family does.  And Johnny is a cocky little twerp when he wins (though I do have to give him credit for not being a punk last Sunday over the Pats-Colts game).  So, my prediction is that New England will win and Johnny won't make it to the pumpkin pie.

New Orleans @ Dallas - Tradition usually dictates that Dallas (who we also hate) plays some little cream puff team, orchestrates a blowout and further ruins any joy we otherwise would have.  However, Dallas has become the cream puff this year and New Orleans is the defending Super Bowl Champs.  It is with much joy and happiness that I call it a win for the Saints.

Cincinnati @ New York Jets - A fairly new tradition - a third Thanksgiving Day game in prime time.  Sadly, it's two teams that I'm not particularly fond of, so I really don't care (I'll probably be in a turkey coma by then anyway).  Even so, I pick the Jets.

Green Bay @ Atlanta - Back to the regular Sunday format... Green Bay

Pittsburgh @ Buffalo - Steelers

Carolina @ Cleveland - Browns

Titans @ Texans - mmm.... Texans

Jacksonville @ New York Giants - The Giants need some good juju, so I send some post-Thanksgiving Day good feelings in their direction.

Minnesota @ Washington - Now that the Vikings' coach has been replaced, will they pull out a win?  Mm... probably not.  Redskins.

Miami @ Oakland - Oakland has been doing better... but I'm going with Miami.

Kansas City @ Seattle - I've been silently cheering on the Chiefs in this renaissance year and I think that will continue.

Tampa Bay @ Baltimore - Ravens

Philadelphia @ Chicago - Eagles

St. Louis @ Denver - Feh... Broncos

San Diego @ Indianapolis - I predict Philip Rivers will channel his inner fanboy and crap out again as the Colts look to vent some frustration over that stupid loss to New England (Please note: fanboys don't like it when the status quo in their fandoms is upset).  Colts.

San Francisco @ Arizona - Man, how did Monday Night Football get such crap-fests this year?  Sigh... I can never in good faith cheer for a team with classless max hall and certainly not after Rivalry Week.  Niners.

Current Standings - Last week's result was a rather impressive 13-3, which bring my current totals to 66-37.

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