Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saving All My Luck - NFL Week 9

I'm maintaining that the Utes lost today because I'm saving my luck for tomorrow's NFL matchups (though I don't think I have any control over when my luck gets used.  I'd rather have used it today - that was just pathetic...)

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta - The Bucs are picking up steam and doing better, but Atlanta's kind of been a middle-of-the-road-they-don't-exactly-suck-but-they-aren't-fantastic-either team.  Oh... I guess I'll pick Tampa Bay.

Miami @ Baltimore - Ravens

Chicago @ Buffalo - Bears

New Orleans @ Carolina - After last week's drubbing of the Steelers, have the Saints returned to being awesome?  Even if they haven't, there's no way in you-know-where they're going to get beat by the Panthers (now watch - it'll happen).  Pick the Saints.

New England @ Cleveland - New England

New York Jets @ Detroit - Jets

San Diego @ Houston - Um... the Chargers kind of stink this year and the Texans are good (she admitted grudgingly), so Houston.

Arizona @ Minnesota - Perennial Suckage (minus that one really weird year they went to the Super Bowl) versus "Days of Our Lives" in Syndication - well, I hate max hall on principle and I only mildly dislike Brett Favre right now, so I will go with the Vikings.

New York Giants @ Seattle - Giants

Kansas City @ Oakland - This is interesting.  Prior to this year, both teams were bottom-of-the-barrel dwellers whose glory days seemed behind them.  But now, they've both picked it up and are fun to watch.  I'm not saying Chiefs and Raiders fans should book their hotel rooms in Arlington, but still.  Hm... Well, my family's cheered for the Raiders for a long time, so I'm going to throw my hat in for the Raiders.

Indianapolis @ Philadelphia - After all these weeks, would there be any question of my pick?  Colts.

Dallas @ Green Bay - I think NBC is wishing flex scheduling had already started because these Sunday Night Football games are turning into stinkers.  Green Bay.
Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati - Steelers.

Next week, I'll have to start making picks on Wednesday because Thursday Night Football is starting up.  Just so ya know.

And as a matter of interest, my record last week was a pitiful 7-6 (at least I'm over the .500 mark).  My overall record is 53-34.  It's a good thing I didn't have money on this venture.

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