Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Second Term Kickoff

Have I mentioned I hate spam?  Both the mystery meat and the crap that floods my inbox.  Unfortunately, that seems to be the only kind of comments I get on this blog.  So, if you do read this blog, would it kill you to leave an insightful comment?  It would do wonders for my ego self-esteem.

Second term has begun and I love that my students are realizing that we only have a month in which to practice our play (a month, moreover, that loses half a week because of Thanksgiving break).  So, we've decided to take a half hour every day out of our third period class and quickly practice a scene or work out something with sets.

Also, in regards to Monday Night Football last night - I love how everyone's ready to bail off the Colts bandwagon at the first sign of "trouble" (like, losing to the Texans in week 1) and say how they're washed up and they have all these injuries and Peyton Manning isn't that great... and then the Colts still win in prime time.  Thus proving that all the analysts and pundits really have no idea what they're talking about.  The most entertaining thing to do: DVR any of the Sunday NFL pregame shows and watch their predictions and picks after the games have been played, just to see how totally off-base they were (and to further prove that nothing in professional football is ever settled - even when you know the Raiders and the Lions are going to lose... sometimes, they still win).  This could be an example of the pot calling the kettle black, of course, seeing as how I make my own picks every week on this very blog - but I can't resist a little ribbing of the guys in the studios (probably why I enjoy watching Frank Caliendo's picks on Fox every week).

Oh, and it's Election Day today.  Rather than launch into my own brand of punditry (which would take all day and just raise my blood pressure and I actually have a project due tonight that I need to work on), I'm going to just say this: payback's a bitch.

Now sit back and watch the drama unfold (pass the popcorn, please).

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