Sunday, November 14, 2010

In Which I Make Humble Apologies

To my loyal readership who has come to expect I make NFL picks from week to week.  Yeah, well, I dropped the ball this week (very much like the Utes have done for the last two weeks.  Feh).  In my defense, I had my class weekend which included a huge presentation and much driving between home and Salt Lake.  Still not a good enough excuse, but I offer it to my followers (all four of you).

This might not make up for it, but this is my blog and I post what I like.  The following clip made me SQUEE nine ways to Sunday.  Even though I don't watch "Leverage," it makes my heart happy to see American shows do this sort of thing:

(Personally, I would have rather been Mrs. Peter Davison, but only because I skipped ahead and started watching episodes from the Fifth Doctor's tenure - to the joy of my fangirly senses.  Maybe once I go back and watch episodes with the Fourth Doctor, I will gladly jump on that Tom Baker bandwagon - but I do love Sarah Jane ^_^)

Oh, and this one made me giggle too. I have been known to catch NCIS from time to time:

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