Thursday, November 11, 2010

In a Particularly Good Mood

The kids are off getting their Veterans Day program and luncheon ready, which means there must be drama.  Happily, I know nothing about it, so I can stay out of the line of fire.  They have some assignments due today in the classes I'm over, so I must soon enter the fray to remind them of this.  Pray for me.

On a happier "Doctor Who" related note, I decided that I had been getting bogged down in the First Doctor's episodes (after Vicki leaves, it just isn't worth plodding through the rest), so I took some advice from fellow Whovians and started skipping around to find something I like.  I watched "The Mind Robber" from the Second Doctor's tenure, which was very good.  Then I started in on "The Invasion," which started out okay but then I got bored of it (but I have to say - I love Jamie and Zoe both and I will go back and find other stories with them in it).

In the meantime, I've been introducing my younger cousins to the new series and we just finished Series 3.  I included "Time Crash," which is the Children in Need short from the end of that Series (and one of my absolute favorite "episodes" - never mind the fact that it's less than 10 minutes long.  Hey, I count it).  The kids wanted to know (and I wanted to show them) who that "old Doctor" was - the guy in the beige coat with the celery on his lapel.  I've explained about regeneration and the classic series before... but then I got the idea to show them "The Five Doctors," which I have seen before - more or less on accident - but I loved it.  After I watched "Time Crash" and "The Five Doctors" with the kids, I was inspired to find episodes featuring Peter Davison as the Doctor because I think he was simply delightful in the DW stories I have seen.

So, last night, I started at the beginning with "Castovalva" and I stinking loved it!  My self-diagnosed ADD kicked in only when the Doctor was off working through his regeneration and I had to push through the stuff with Nyssa and Tegan.  But I really, really love the Fifth Doctor!  The segment where he's unraveling that ridiculously long scarf and trying to find the Zero Room was so funny - and that he couldn't remember his companions names.  I just love the goofy characterization of the Doctor (probably why I got bored of the First Doctor - he took himself way too seriously).  I can't wait to see more of Five's stories.  I think I'll work my way through the Fifth Doctor and then go back for the Fourth Doctor since that's the one everyone seems to love, but I really don't have much motivation for his episodes quite yet (and I hear mutinous mutters of "Blasphemy!" across the Whoniverse).

And I have class this weekend, which I'm excited for but also a little nervous.  We have group presentations due this weekend, which I'm happy about because the lectures in this class are boring as hell I like hearing what my classmates have been working on and what their take is on the subject material.  And I made up our PowerPoint (and some of you know how I am with PowerPoint), which is stinking fun.  I made a video to go with the project and it's purely original material (with the exception of the background music because - let's face it - I am totally not a musician.  I just know what I like). 

Must dash!

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