Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Kind of Like Asking the French to "Cowboy Up"

"24" was tonight - and yes, that is a reference to the Olympic ice dancing competition. It was quite unnerving to see the French team dancing to Johnny Cash (maybe not as strange as watching Russians do a pseudo-aboriginal dance, but odd in it's own right - and since when are the Dixie Chicks considered folk music?). But it seemed apropos given tonight's episode. Yes, there are spoilers.


The last shot last week was Dana/Jenny about to go shoot White Trash Boy-Toy - but we took a good 45 minutes to get to the good part. I don't want to hear about "Oh, she had to gear herself up to go after the s.o.b." because this is "24." Nobody has to "gear up" to do anything. You either do it or you get shot.

Witness Freddie's gumption in shooting the pot-head buddy with their own rifle - and further witness Dana's idiocy by running to cradle White Trash's dying body in her arms. I almost pity Freddie - "Yeah, sure, I risked national security to come after you because I thought you were cheating on me, but it turns out you're in trouble with your abusive ex-boyfriend and I threaten him to within an inch of his life and he ends up dying anyway. But go ahead and run to back to him... I'll just be here... paying for the ring."

He should have just shot the goobers and be done with it.

Semi-unrelated note: You know what made me so happy? That Glenn Beck could use this sorry excuse for a storyline in "24" to compare it to jackass politicians. I swear, this guy could take watching paint dry and turn it into an object lesson about how screwed up Progressivism is. I wish I could have taken a history class from a professor like that.

I had a total girly "awww..." moment when Jack told Renee that he meant what he said when he said she had him. That's probably about as mushy-romantic as Jack gets and I LOVE it!! It's that whole bad-boy persona, but when he has someone to love - it's just endearing. And the way Keifer plays is wonderful. Because then you KNOW someone is about to start picking on Renee and then it's Jack-whoop-ass time :)

And wouldn't you know it, the White House has to stick their nose in and ruin everything. Why does this not surprise anyone? (and I would also not be surprised if Glenn Beck has the "24" characters on the chalkboard again tomorrow). Some of the great lines in this sequence:

Bubba-Gump: You don't say "no" to the White House. (American People: "Watch us")

Jack: "Nothing standard about that." *snicker*

Also - you don't send a Boy Scout to do Jack's job. I don't care how wonderful Boy Scouts are (trust me, they are amazing human beings) - but, dude, Jack could take you out with a Q-tip and a toothpick.

NO, Dept. of Justice hag - you do NOT interrogate Jack's main squeeze. Especially since Renee could probably take you out herself (I can't wait to see what kind of kids Jack and Renee would have - can you just image the level of awesomeness?? They wouldn't need the SWAT anymore - just call in the Bauer-Walker family.)

I was very sad that David Anders' character died so cheaply. I thought he'd have a bigger role. Well, they did bring Tony back after him being "dead" for a season and a half... ummm... yeah right.

(Am I the only one that keeps holding out hope that, somehow, someway "Carlos Bernard" will be included on the opening credits? Hope springs eternal.)

(Commercial Blather: Well HAI THAR American Idull!! Guess Survivor isn't the only show that's feelings it's age *cough, Ellen as a judge *cough, cough* But I mustn't get my hopes up... A show with this much teeny-bopper staying power could haunt my nightmares well into my middle-age).

It's official - CTU: New York is being run by the inmates. Jack is never getting on that plane to LA.

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