Friday, February 5, 2010

Super Bowl Celebrations - Go Colts!!

Thus beginneth the weekend to end all weekends! Since I have class all weekend, I have to post this now. And I am quite pleased with the Super Bowl this year. As I've said before, I was pulling for a Saints-Colts Super Bowl when they were both going undefeated (and I spit in the general direction of the Cowboys for ruining that - oh well, they're all sitting at home with a bowl of Cheetos this weekend anyway). I have to say - it's much more fun to cheer for someone rather than cheering against a team you despise. In 2008, I was pulling for the Giants to win because I hate the Patriots - but that performance gained the Giants another big fan.

And I'm also happy that the Colts are playing the Saints. Honestly, I would not be too upset if the Saints did win, other than they would beat my team to do it. And I'm glad we don't have any big scandal or controversy to deal with either or no drama-queen thugs running their mouths off (Chad 85 from Cincinnati, Terrell Owens from Buffalo - those kinds of idiots. I guess that's why they had to drum up the Tim Tebow ad crap so the news media would have something to talk about). Both these teams are very classy and very disciplined, which will make for an exciting game, but it doesn't make TMZ or ET (they're mourning the fact that none of Tom Brady's model girlfriends had a baby this week). And it's going to be an offensive shoot-out and that's always fun :)

So, whether you're a Colts fan, Saints fan, football expert, football know-nothing, cheerleader or just like watching the commercials - everyone have a Happy Super Bowl Weekend and I'll see you at the after party.

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