Monday, February 22, 2010

Warm Fuzzies

I have about 40 minutes before "24" starts and then I'll have a fandom-squee post afterwards. But I've been rather thoughtful lately and I'd just like to share a few gems while I have a minute:

1 - Since I had some time, I was meandering through Facebook looking through friends I haven't seen/talked to in a long time. Some of the people I saw made me sad (for various reasons), but most of them - it was just good to see they were doing well. I wish I would keep up with them better than I do.

2 - I have a feeling something big is upon me. Whether it's big in a good way or a bad way is yet to be seen. I try not to get my hopes up. That's happened before and it rarely turns out well.

3 - It's good to have an outlet for all this stuff. Doubly glad when you have people who'll read it. Triply glad when they respond (hiiiiiiiint!!)

4 - In spite of the whole getting older thing, birthdays are wonderful things.

5 - I was looking on a fanart website and I found a picture of a really pretty wedding dress that the artist had used for inspiration. I've never really given pause to that sort of thing and I don't have a reason to, but I'm going to hang onto it. Hey, I learned a few things from being the honorary Boy Scout mascot when I was little. ^_^

6 - No matter how big you are or how old you get, you can still fit behind the couch during a rousing game of hide and seek during Family Home Evening.

7 - In a similar vein, it was gut-busting hilarious when Cash poked his head in the room where I was hiding behind the door and didn't see me. If I didn't have a sensitive funny bone (and if Johnny wasn't so perceptive), I would have stayed hidden.

8 - I'm grateful for that little paisley journal I had everyone sign on my mission. The pictures are great and the journals are wonderful - but to hear it in everyone else's words is priceless.

9 - Snark makes life worth living.

10 - As does the sight of the weenie dog finding a sunny spot on the carpet to lounge in.

11- Little Haylie looked really cute today. And she was funny when I was telling her about the St. Augustine Alligator Farm ("They farm alligators???!")

12 - I may have my mean moments, but I feel bad afterwards. Good that I have a conscience, but bad that feel like a bum for it (then again, some people just need a fire lit).

13 - I love to decorate with meaningful quotes. Song lyrics are the best.

14 - Happiness is a blank notebook and a brand new pen.

15 - The Beast is what every girl dreams of (post-wolf attack, not before).

16 - This turned into a lot of gems. That's okay - the music I'm listening to is rather inspirational ("Watashitachi ni Naritakute" from the Sailor Moon Memorial Box Collection).

17 - I don't keep music that is non-inspirational. Everything on my iPod inspires my creativity.

18 - Crying is a healthy way to cope. It helps you reset your emotions so you can keep going. If that means I'm a crybaby, then so be it.

19 - The moment you take something too seriously, they have to write a textbook on the psychological theory behind it and it just gets ruined.

20 - "Twilight" is still a neat story. It's the internet wackos that spoil it for everyone else.

21 - No matter what anyone says, the Powerpuff Girls are still awesome.

I could have more, but I'll stop there. It's enough that I took on this exercise. I feel really great! ^_^

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