Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ponderous Self-Pondering

My professor assigned us to take a couple of personality tests before our upcoming class weekend and one of them had a thing to share results on a blog. So of course, I must share this with the world. This is from the second personality test I took. The first one was more detailed and I liked taking it better, but there wasn't a code to cut and paste for it. So, you get this one (I ended up with the same results between the two tests, so that must say something):

INFJ - "Author". Strong drive and enjoyment to help others. Complex personality. 1.5% of total population.
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(The link on the button is different than the test I took, so if you're interested, this is the test I took. FYI - it's helpful if you take this one first)

Also, as part of the assignment, we were to write down our thoughts on the test and our results. And... I like what I came up with, so I'm going to share it with you all. You're welcome.

My Thoughts For Class:

It’s interesting that Sean had us take this test before class. I’m usually a bit wary of these things, but this seems like it describes my personality pretty well (or, at least in the frame of mind I’m in right now – shoot, I got similar results for both tests). I do end up taking on the thankless jobs and I have a hard time delegating responsibility. One of my mottos actually is “If you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself.” But I have remember that I am most likely in a position to teach someone something and they only way they’ll learn is by doing it themselves. And if they make mistakes, that’s okay. That's important for a librarian to remember because people are going to be coming to us with questions. And maybe they aren't asking the right questions for what they need, but they have to figure some portion of it out for themselves or they'll never really know. We're there as their guides. [Whoa - that was something from my mission! Holy Cow! :D]

This was a good activity for doing some introspection. Some of the questions were challenging, especially on the first test. The Yes/No absolution was hard to deal with in some of the questions because I do both. There was one that I now can’t remember what it asked, but I remember thinking that it depended on the situation – there are some instances I would say yes to it and others I would say no. So, I just put down one and hoped it would be okay.

It’s funny because just yesterday (Feb 23, 2010), I was thinking how hard it is for me to put myself “out there” in a crowd and there were quite a few questions that dealt with social skills and how I feel about meeting new people. I can talk to a person, but talking with people is hard. I tend to melt into the background because I don’t like being center of attention. But if it’s a one-on-one situation, I’m already center of somebody’s attention, so I just go with it and it’s okay. If I feel like I only have to impress one person, I’ll be just fine. I can maybe handle two, but three is stretching it. This drives my dad nuts because he wants to see me dating, but in order to find someone to date, you have to go out and meet a whole bunch of people (usually in large-ish groups) and to me, that is counterproductive. I do a whole lot better if someone says “Hey, I have a friend I think you should meet” and set it up from there. But that rarely happens because people are gun-shy about being perceived as nosy busybody matchmakers. As long as the friend isn’t a serial-killer-psychopath, I personally don’t mind it so much.

I honestly don’t know if this is truly my personality because it seems like these quizzes are written so that no matter what result you got, it would still apply to you (kind of like horoscopes). But it’s interesting to think about. And it may change over time. Even if I were take it six months from now, I could very well have a different result.

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