Sunday, February 21, 2010

"It's My Favorite Part Because - You'll See!"

I watched "Beauty and the Beast" last night and was once again reminded why it is my favorite Disney movie of all time. There really isn't a monstrous villain (beyond Gaston - but he's just a small-time douche) and it's all about two people who can't stand each other (at first) falling in love. And Belle is blissfully ignorant to everything else except what is important to her. And what is important to her isn't necessarily what's important to the rest of the world, so they all think she's strange. She doesn't jump at the first opportunity that comes along and winds up with something much better. This story is probably the most realistic of any fairy tale (overlook the magically cursed Beast and the talking household objects) - the characters are believable - they have real problems and internal struggles. And I seriously love the Beast! How can you not love somebody who tries his best, even when his best yield awkward results (toasting oatmeal, much?) But Belle just rolls with it and learns to love the big guy.

I just feel like gushing about it - that's all :)

It is my dearest desire to see the Broadway musical one day. I have the soundtrack, but seeing the stage production of it would be amazing.

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