Tuesday, February 16, 2010

24 - Things Are Becoming Less Predictable

Which is how it should be!

Yes, I know - I didn't rehash "24" last week (and I didn't do the season finale of "Heroes" either - well, there wasn't much to say). But today - there is much to pontificate about! (am I even using that word right? Well, I'm an English major - what I say, goes)

As always:


Jenny's got a gun/Kevin's on the run (or drunk with a stripper): What I don't get is that Freddie doesn't let Dana tell him about White Trash Boy-Toy, then he acts all hurt and surprised when Arlo (is that his name?) drops the "she's cheating" bomb. Honestly, though - can Freddie truly think that Dana would cozy up to someone that greasy? Although - Dana/Jenny has proved that common sense isn't her strong suit.

But after next week, maybe they'll be canceling that engagement anyway (major loss of points on the Almeida/Dessler Scale of Badass-ness).

Jack, Jack, Jack of the Jun-gle: Well, you have Bubba Gump in charge of CTU, which is being run by a bunch of hormonal clowns. It was only a matter of time before Jack went primate on us. But whatever it takes to get Jack shooting somebody.

Definitely Not the Smartest Thing You Could Have Said:
Kahlia proves just how idiotic the protagonists are this season by telling Daddy that she's been dating the head of security - the very head of security that Daddy impulsively arrested for hesitating to follow orders issued in fits of insanity. She's going to be the next victim of Daddy's paranoid security crack-down.

So Much for My Predictions: Man, I thought David Anders was going to bust Jack out of the kitchen. But he's turned total bad guy, just to spite Daddy Mob Boss. Eh - Jack and Kim were reconciled to each other - maybe there is hope (in another 8 season - if neither of them dies).

Next Week's Preview: Hastings lets Renee take the fall for the screw ups, in spite of Jack's insistence that it was self-defense. President Taylor lets her take the fall. Daddy President arrests Kahlia when she's on her way to sneakily talk to head-of-security boy. Dana "just happens" upon a drunk and passed out Kevin and his idiot boss and "just happens" to have a gun to put the bastard out of her misery.. Freddie, totally upset and distraught over Dana's life choices tracks down Tony and tries to keep up in the badass coolness department, but fails miserably and instead retreats and becomes a contender in the men's figure skating competition in the Olympics. Chloe "just happens" to tell Hastings to stick it and takes over CTU single-handedly, Jack smuggles Renee out and flees to LA where they meet up with Kim and family and all live happily ever after.

Yeah, right.

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