Friday, May 28, 2010

Action Explosions, Russian Bad Guys and Scantily Clad Dancing Girls - It Must Be Summer

I saw "Iron Man 2" last night. Trailer is included here because it's relevant to a point I attempt to make.

Knew-jerk reaction - it was an awesome movie. Fangirl in me loves when the obvious love interests figure it out (since all the fans have it figured out in the trailer - of the first movie! By the way - I HATE it when footage that is included in the trailer does not make it into the movie. FYI). Adrenaline junkie in me loves explosions and fight scenes. Black Widow is amazing - Scarlett Johanssen should play more superheroine characters. What exactly is Nick Fury's power? (never mind, I've got Wikipedia)

Maybe it helped that I knew this movie was setting up for "Avengers," but I thought that everything fit in pretty good. It's the sequel after the origin movie, you have to have new characters and expand the universe.

Bill O'Reilly doing Talking Points on Stark Industries and calling Pepper a pinhead - Ha-larious!

Stark Industries really needs to keep a better lock on their property - in the first movie terrorists were buying their weapons and now a disaffected son-of-a-former-Soviet-spy has the blueprints for the arc reactor. Yeah, I don't care if Daddy Vanko was working for Daddy Stark - you hand that crap in with your key card.

During the Expo-hologram scene, I could help but think that Tony just rediscovered the solution to his problems in Epcot.

Justin Hammer - what the heck?? He's such a pansy! I mean, in the Marvel universe, if you have a last name like "Hammer," it means something! But this guy - I ju - hummanna - what the - meh - *exasperated sigh* I throw my hands in the air and give a disaffected snort of derision in your general direction.

After sitting in the theater and having to listen to that terrible, awful, no-good song from the Stark Expo (circa 1960s - no way that tripe would be let anywhere near a modern expo), there certainly have better been an extra scene after the credits. To my joy, there was.

I just love Tony Stark. He's awesome. The end.

PS - After perusing some of the Wikipedia entries about the comic book version of Iron Man and other Marvel characters... Iiiiii'm gonna stick to the movies. No offense to comic book fans, but there are waaaay too many stories and spin-offs and arcs for me to keep up with (kudos to you who do keep up with it all). Shoot, I just found out today that there are going to be more Artemis Fowl books. I thought we were done!

PPS - Oh yeah, reaction to trailers -

"Eclipse" - Why-oh-why did they replace the actress for Victoria? And... why in heaven's name do the vampires look like they have chunky Play-doh for makeup? And... is Edward's only calling in life to knock down trees in the forest? (at least - I think that's Edward). And, Jacob, honey - emo doesn't suit you. You need to grow your bangs out and walk around barefoot. And be a little more pasty. I think the Cullens have some Play-doh they can lend you.

"Super 8" - All that buildup of Area 51 and a train wreck... and the movie is titled after a hotel chain????

"The Last Airbender" (or "We had 'Avatar' first before Dances with Smurf-Gully pigged it") - I'm looking forward to this movie. No, seriously, I am. I've enjoyed what I've been able to catch of the TV show and I hope this movie does well (wish I could see it from beginning to end, but that's what TiVo is for).

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