Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Over Tonight

It was once purported that Jem was a huge "24" fan and released this song because of that. So, what better send-off than to play the song on my LiveJournal (and of all the video makers on YouTube, no one has made a fan video using footage from "24" to this song. Maybe when I get a new computer - and a DVD ripper - and an ice cream-crapping unicorn - I'll try my hand at the art). If you have any amount of bass in your car, I recommend cranking it up with this song.

Series finale tonight! I'm a little melancholy about it all, but before I get to that - SPOILER WARNING!


I CRIED! That's right - I actually cried at an episode of "24." It's all Chloe's fault. And Jack for bringing up the whole "When you first came to CTU" deal. Well, I'm a bit of a crybaby. And a little clumsy, but I try my best and everything will work out (cookies if you know that reference!)

Okay, the actual rehash - but I find it fitting that "24" ended on May 24. Just sayin'

Remind me, but did they always insert the "Events Occur in Real Time" bit at the beginning of the season finales? Here, it was not just once, but twice!

When Logan first called President Taylor, I half expected him to say "Hello, Satan calling." And with half the crap Taylor had to fake her way through, I'd be very surprised if there wasn't a wood chipper shredding through her stomach. That is, until she channels Logan's complete power-trip asshattery and becomes "Wilderness Youth Counselor - The Sequel"

Calling Taylor's conscience! Where are you, girl? (on vacation in Malibu, apparently)

Even as Jack did so, I knew that him not killing Pillar was going to come back to haunt him (but Jack is one of those badass guys that still has a soul. Remember, this season opened with him telling little Teri to call him Grandpa Jack.)

Dalia (finally figured out how to spell her name) and Chloe should be friends. Though, I had a thought - only in TV shows does the UN have any real authority. I almost thought that Dalia had done Chloe and Cole's work for them. Then I remembered - duh, it's the UN. I'm surprised anyone thought this peace treaty would hold any water.

Winner Line of the Week: Jack to Logan - "Try the truth for a change."

Other things I half-expected to happen:
Suvarov to put his pinky to his mouth.
Dalia to give Taylor the finger - multiple times.
Jack to pull the damn trigger already!
Tony being under one of those masks that ambushed Jack's ambulance (fangirl hopes spring eternal!)
Jack to get hauled off to China - AGAIN!

Things I never expected to happen:
Chloe to have to shoot Jack (and I have NOTHING snarky to say about that at all!)
Jack to bite Pillar's ear (though it makes sense - something similar opened season 6)
Pillar to figure out Chloe had the chip (c'mon! The girl's a computer tech! You can tell she doesn't have any real skill with a gun. How would she know how to hit vital organs?)
Me to yell "SHIT!" when Birke (the not-nearly-as-cool-as-Owen CTU Boy Scout) yanked the memory chip from Chloe's laptop.
Tim Woods to join the "Agent Aaron Pierce Club of White House Coolness, Ma'am" (It's freaking TIM WOODS!!)

Logan did what we all wish he would have done midway through season 5. Good riddance. Bugger.

By the way, CTU Mobile Command's uploader is about as good as Facebook's photo uploader.

Who else cheered when Pillar's-Pole-Dancing-CTU-hack Eden was hauled off on Chloe's orders? MEEEE!!

And Jack's face goes all pixely into the sunset - or running off to join the French Foreign Legion.

Next Week's Promo - Um... there is no next week, folks. We've closed up shop forever. CTU's done. Everyone's dead or on the run.

And I give a fond salute to Joel Surnow, Robert Cochrane, Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Carlos Bernard, Reiko Aylesworth and all the great, great people that brought this roller coaster ride to life. And I must mention my cousin and my roommate for introducing me to this show. It's not as sad as I thought it would be (there is still a movie to come, after all), but life will never be the same.

And I just found out that "Heroes" is being cancelled as well. What the crap am I going to do on Monday nights? (oh wait, there's still "The Big Bang Theory." And Monday Night Football... on ESPN... ...sigh... ...)

"I need your blessing and your promise to live free. Please do it for me." - Jem


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