Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm Too Sexy for this Tie

"24" tonight and the rehash. Obligatory spoil alert and we're off like a dirty shirt!


The Wilderness Youth Counselor's little tie-modeling exploits inspired the subject line. Who cares if Jack Bauer's about to ruin your political career (ahem, again)? Wear the Armani, Chuckie. Go out with style. (like Johnny Bravo)

It's official - Arlo smells a rat. And while it's nice of him and Chloe to try to help Jack, of course Jack has everything under control. I wondered why Jack wanted to meet Hassan's mistress at the mall of all places.

Jason and Eden have zero actual power at CTU. I can't figure out why Chloe and company don't connect the dots and tell them to shove it (well, I take that back, they're starting to see what's going on). I liken it to arguing with a liberal - they just throw out a few impressive lines (like "You're just a RAAAAAACIST" or "I'm here because the White House sent me") that look indisputable on the surface, but when you dig into those nasty little things we call details, reasonable people start asking reasonable questions and the race-baiters start to look pretty pathetic. It's only a matter of time before Jason and Eden will be thrown out on their ears (and probably still screaming "I'm here at the behest of the President!!" Which president was that again?

All you really need to know is that Jason's assistant is named Eden. People that work for the White House are not named Eden. Nobody in politics wants to be associated with someone named Eden. It's a porn star/soap opera name. White trash bimbos that work for shady corporate thugs could be named Eden, but respectable upstanding contributors to society do not name their child Eden. Take your clue from there.

Speaking of bimbos, Meredith just needs to sit down, watch her video evidence and let Jack work. There will be even more story to break before the day is out and she'll have herself a nice Pulitzer. Not bad for the former mistress of a head of state.

Once he got the Russian cut open, Jack found that sim card pretty quick. And how would it have been if Chuck answered the phone when Jack called it? Just speculating, mind you.

Next Week's Promo - The Wilderness Youth Counselor is dog meat. Cole needs to work on his faith in Bauer. Jack takes a cue from the Power Rangers. We have three hours left. Enjoy.

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