Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Consumer Alert (and not one of those fake pop-up ad deals, either)

If you live around the Tooele County area and are thinking of building a house, DO NOT under any circumstances hire Charlee McNeill to do it. And I'll tell you why - five years ago, my parents contracted Charlee's Construction Company to add on and remodel our house and ever since then, we've had nothing but problems (in all honesty, the house isn't even fully finished).

My parents have told me about the problems that arose while the house was being built. Like they'd get the whole building crew out here to do something like put up sheetrock or tile, but once they got out here, realize that some doof forgot the sheetrock or the tile and they'd have to go allll the way back to town to get it, putting the building schedule even farther behind. I kid you not. I guess that should have been the sign that this was a bad deal to begin with and my parents should have raised a fuss back then (well, in my "so-much-cooler-online" little way, I'm doing it for them now). The following problems are the ones that I know about. I haven't lived in this house that much, but I think my limited experience will even be enough to persuade you.

The main problem has been plumbing and flooding, mainly in the basement. The basement flooded a measly three weeks after my folks moved in (I would have pitched a fit then). We have three bedrooms and one bathroom downstairs. The utility room was never finished and we only found this out when my brother-in-law (who used to work for a plumber) came to take a look at it and noticed that the plumber Charlee hired forgot to put in a key part that kept water from shooting out of the pipes. I have actually stood in the utility room door and watched bath water cascade out of the main drainage pipes (like those guys in the cargo hold of the Titanic when the iceberg hit). The utility room will be covered in water and seeping out onto the carpet in the hall outside. This has happened more than once. Dad has written this off by saying "Just don't use that bathroom as much." Are you kidding me?

Problem is that the upstairs bathroom shower drains into pipes that leak into my sister's bedroom. We've had to tear open the ceiling and work on those pipes, but they still don't work. So, we only have one working shower and even that's debatable because we recently found out that it doesn't drain very well. And the bathtub in the upstairs bathroom ALSO drains into the pipes that flood my sister's room. Our options are 1) don't shower/bathe or 2) flood the basement. Yes, what wonderful choices those are.

Oh - and that brings me to my bedroom. The rain gutters never got put in, so when it rains like it did the past two days, the water seeps down through the soil and into a crack or something in the foundation and the south half of my room floods. That's the only explanation I have because the window sill is dry and there are no cracks in the walls - just a soaking wet carpet. Today, my carpet is soaked and I am not pleased by any stretch of the imagination. I have to remove my bed, my desk, my bookcase and my computer (thank heaven the power cords were up off the floor) and get the Rug Doctor and suck up all the water. Never mind the water damage to the furniture and books and papers that were on the floor and the inconvenience of having to take care of all this nonsense.

Did I mention that our dishwasher and our microwave both blew up last month? Did I mention the hole between my bedroom door and the stairs that should have been covered with sheetrock, but lets in mice and other rodents into the house? Did I mention the uncovered vent that goes outside that lets the cats into our house so they can have kittens in our utility room AND between the walls? Good grief - this house is not fit to be living in!

It looks pretty, but that's all it's good for. If you actually want to, you know, use the water and the electricity and live in this house, I wouldn't do it. And nobody else will make a stink about it, but I have had it with this house. Since I don't own the place and I really can't take any sort of legal action, I can get the word out of what a sorry builder Charlee was and hopefully dissuade anyone else from using him as a builder. Don't waste your money.

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