Sunday, October 31, 2010

NFL Picks - Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween!  And... on to the picks!

Denver @ San Francisco - Aren't they in London this week? *checks quickly* Yes, they are.  And I'm going to pick the Broncos merely because they're made about last week's thrashing they took from the Raiders and they're not going to let it happen against the Niners. Not in front of an international audience.

Jacksonville @ Dallas - Eesh... Dallas, you really stink.  This is the most exciting thing ever!  Though, I don't know that your stinkage will be able to be contained against the stinkage of the Jaguars.  I say, this may be the week Dallas starts to figure out that they don't wan to stink anymore. *holds nose* Dallas

Miami @ Cincinnati - sigh... Miami

Buffalo @ Kansas City - KC

Washington @ Detroit - Redskins

Carolina @ St. Louis - Didn't we see this movie already?  Well... I think I'll go with the Rams.

Green Bay @ New York Jets - Green Bay

Tennessee @ San Diego - I would reeeeeally like the Chargers to pull it out, since any Titans' loss only help the Colts, but I don't think they can do it.  sigh... Titans

Minnesota @ New England - sigh... New England.  The Vikings just aren't playing good enough this year.

Tampa Bay @ Arizona - *flips coin* Tampa Bay

Seattle @ Oakland - Seattle

Pittsburgh @ New Orleans - Wait moment - here's a game that might actually be a good one?  In prime time?  On Sunday Night?  I must be living right!  Pittsburgh.

Houston @ Indianapolis - *paging the Texans, paging the Texans*  This is for you - Payback's a bitch.  Indy by five.

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