Monday, April 18, 2011

30 Days of New Who: Day 18 - Favorite Amy Moment

"Raggedy Man - I remember you and you are LATE for my wedding!"
         - Amy Pond remembers the Doctor, thereby saving him from being completely erased from history by Michael Grade the Cracks in Time.

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This scene at the end of Series 5 had me jumping up and down like an excited little kid. It completely validates Amy Pond as a character and as a companion of the Doctor.

Put yourself in Amy's position for a minute - she met this silly, quirky, raggedy, awesome, strange man when his blue box crash landed in her backyard in the middle of the night. He disappears for 12 years - leaving little Amy to endure the disbelief and disdain of her family and friends at this story that she insists happened. All of a sudden, he shows up again and takes her off on fantastic adventures - only to be erased from history when things start getting a little rocky (yeah - end of the universe. It doesn't get much rockier than that).

But he leaves his story behind for the young girl - a story that she will carry with her all her life until her wedding day. Amy is now an adult - grown-up and expected to put away "childish things." But a mysterious blank book left by a mysterious woman triggers a stream of memories in Amy's mind. She then stands up (to the horror and embarrassment of her family and friends) and proclaims that there's someone missing. Someone so important - her very best friend - that should be at her wedding.

Anyone who has loved something so much in their childhood, only to have it taken away when they grow up (whether by parents or peers or society or BBC Executive Meddling) can relate to this moment. Even though I didn't experience the Wilderness Years of Doctor Who the way many fans did, I can understand having something you treasure - something you think is so very special - be criticized and derided by people who think they're above all that "childish crap." The moment when the TARDIS materializes is the biggest Take That moment for any kid - or kid-at-heart - who gets picked on because of what they're favorite TV show or movie or book might be.

What's even more fun about this is that Amy and Rory are now a married couple. They should be all "settled down" and mature, responsible adults. Yet, they still jump in the TARDIS for at least one more season of fabulous adventures with the Doctor (this also marks the first time for the new series we have the same Doctor and set of companions two seasons in a row. Given how awesome Amy and Rory are together, I could get used to this).

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  1. Very awesome post Chrissy! I couldn't have put it better!