Sunday, April 24, 2011

30 Days of New Who: Day 24 - Favorite Accessory of the Doctor's

(It's a good thing I have all these written up just ready to be posted because I don't think I could have composed a coherent response after last night's episode).

And out they come - the brainy specs!

Tooth and Claw Brainy Specs

I was sooo thrilled to learn that Doctor doesn't really need glasses - that he only wears them because they make him look clever because I did the exact same thing when I was little! I've posted this picture before, but it is quite relevant (that's my sister in the stroller):

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When I was three, I had a pair of plastic red frames that used to be toy sunglasses until the lenses got knocked out. I wore those suckers everywhere I went because I wanted to look smart. I didn't need glasses at the time, but I fully intended on wearing them when I went to school because that's what smart people did (and I swear that I wore them to preschool). This was well before I knew that "Doctor Who" even existed - probably before I even understood the concept of science fiction - I was sort of a hipster back then. I wonder where those frames are now...

But yeah - brainy specs - LOVE 'EM!

Off to rewatch "The Impossible Astronaut!"

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