Sunday, April 24, 2011

Questions That Need Answering

Just rewatched "The Impossible Astronaut" - now that my brain has had time to process everything, I've come up with a list of things I want answered in this season.  This isn't a demand or anything - just a way for me to keep track and refer back to later.  Spoilers intended and implied:

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Number One question before anything else - Why did the TARDIS blow up at the end of last season? The scene and the very end of "The Big Bang" when Amy and Rory jumped in the TARDIS right after their wedding reception made me think that they were going to help the Doctor find that out.  But here we are - a couple of honeymoons and two months of Pond-Williams domesticity later and no one seems very interested in finding that out anymore.  If I was disappointed about anything from the season premiere, it was that (it's a tiny quibble, but still sort of bugs me).

Next question - How are the Silence and the Astronaut connected?  Are the Silence controlling the Astronaut?  What is really inside that spacesuit?  Why would it want to kill the Doctor? (okay - that's four questions in one bullet point).

Another question - Why did Amy choose the moment that she did to tell the Doctor she was pregnant?  Does Rory already know? Does this mean this is the last season with Amy and Rory as companions? If so... well, I can't say I'm surprised, but I'm a little sad.

Related question - Why did River feel sick when she was in the tunnels?  I'm fairly certain she isn't pregnant.  Then again, Rory didn't say whether he felt ill... Maybe the Silence creatures affect women differently than men? (if that 's the case, the "Steven Moffat is a sexist pig" crowd is going to go berserk. Oh joy...)

Yet another BIG question - probably been around since Series 4 - Who is River Song?  I think I can just leave that one there.

Last question (maybe) - How did future!Doctor know to invite his past self to his own death?  How did he know he was going to die? Why was past!Doctor in the diner and not out on Lake Powell with the rest of the crew?  I'm sure there's an explanation for that last one - I'm just wondering what exactly he was doing.

Here's a Silly Question - Did anyone besides Rory and Amy notice the Doctor's little shout-outs from history?  Like, I don't know, former companions or just random people who wondered what the heck this crazy bowtie-and-fez bedecked guy was doing in a Laurel and Hardy film?

And here's the most important question of all - What are they going to name baby Pond-Williams? (Hey, I said it was important).

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