Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some people are more comfortable in hell

Finished season 7 of "24" last night. This post will be rife with spoilers (not sure how to do a cut on Blogspot - that's probably just a LiveJournal thing anyway), so if you haven't finished the latest season, better go do something else (honestly - if you really cared about "24," I highly doubt you would need to worry about spoilers at this point).

Like I said - I finished watching season 7 of "24" last night. Thus, I am in the whole 24 happiness bubble, which necessarily follows that I find images and such from season 7. And I find this piece of wonderfulness that is now sitting on my laptop desktop. Oh - the joy! (we'll just put my desktop icons over the top of Sean and Janis, shall we?)

Since I didn't get to do my episode-by-episode analysis for this season like I usually do (that will resume in January - fear not), the following are my initial thoughts of the whole season. Events occur in real time:

Jack Bauer cannot die!!! And he probably won't - smiles to Kim for showing up the save the day (we hope) at the last possible moment. I guess something about being a mommy puts things into perspective for a person (who else grinned when she mentioned her daughter's name was Teri? Begs the question - would she have named a boy Jack?)

Even if this uber-experimental treatment doesn't work and it turns out that the show's mainest-of-the-main characters does die (unlikely - but this is 24 we're talking about - Tony Almeida's hero status has just gone up considerably. Sadly - I'm not sure how redeemable he really is in the eyes of the powers-that-be (ie the President and the entire nation). Even though Jack had the Senate after his hind end, he still had some diplomacy skills that got not only David Palmer, but Allison Taylor on his side (only in the 24-verse can you get the President of the United States to listen to Jack Bauer's true-yet-seemingly-unreasonable requests. Tony... he's just been running around with the terrorists and trying to bring them down from the inside.

Then again, it has worked out for him so far. And he can pull it off. (Thus - my subject line is a Tony quote from season 4.) I could live with Tony being the hero if Jack does snuff it. Believe me... *waves Tony Almeida fangirl banner* And - it'll be territory that 24 really hasn't gone into very much - taking out the bad guys from within.

My next question - which is more attractive: Head of CTU, professional, curly-haired, cleaned-up Tony or deeply, darkly, angst, pretending-to-be-militant-terrorist, black leather (black leather!!), Tony? It's like choosing between peanut or peanut butter M&Ms. It all winds up in the same place. (Personally, I like peanut butter.)

My favorite part (as heartwrenching as it was) - when Tony had Alan Wilson at gunpoint and he was yelling about how Wilson was responsible for Michelle's - and their unborn son's death. Up until that point, I was bemoaning the loss of good-guy!Tony - but ... oh man, that just won Tony +equal to the national debt points in my book (forget "book" - Tony Almeida has a friggin' series of billboards to record how much I love him!!! - second only to Jack - but we already know Jack is amazing, so that's redundant).

question - what is it with 24 villains and offing pregnant women? Just asking... I wish Michelle had never died - I knew this would cause utmost anxiety in the 24-verse the minute it happened. Tony's never going to get over her and that makes me sad. Sad Tony is not a happy thing...

I get so involved with these characters. It's like their real people. It's sort of sad, really.

Eh - I'm going to go find season 3 ^_^

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