Sunday, September 13, 2009

This is slowly becoming a tradition

I think I should just blog after church. That's where all the interesting stuff happens.

First, from the "It's a Small World" file - my old district leader was at church (don't want to say who in case I embarrass him). He said he wasn't sure if he was in my ward - but he's at least in my stake. It was odd seeing him outside the mission. Or maybe I just have a weird sense of... whatever.

Well... I'm the Gospel Doctrine teacher. It could be worse - I could be the FHE "Mom" (oh, smell...) It's actually not too bad. It's something I've wanted to do before, but I've been stuck in Relief Society and what-have-you. I'm excited for it.

Also - people in the USU 1st Stake - you need to learn how to sing "Called to Serve" (here's a lesson). That was the most anti-climatic, unfeeling rendition of the most beloved missionary song I've ever heard (I guess I can't blame the general congregation - that organ needs to be retired where it will have no chance of coming back. Unlike Brett Favre).

(I joke - I actually like Brett Favre, but Keith Oldermann keeps ragging on him. Wish someone would retire that idiot... yes, I know his name's really Olbermann, but he's a twerp, so he deserves a few typos.)

I can't hide from these people, can I?

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