Thursday, September 10, 2009

What Happens When Those Blessed With a Sense of Humor Do Their Homework

This happens.

In the aftermath of Obama's speech to Congress last night (which I could barely stomach ten minutes of - but I do regret missing Rep. Joe Wilson calling ol' Barry out on the carpet), Larry Correia took the time to go through the speech and give his own input. Underneath all the snark, there is a lot of truth to it. So read, enjoy and learn something.

(Just goes to show that politics and current events do NOT have to be boring and infuriating. The mere existence of CNN may lead you to believe otherwise, but take heart, my friends.)

Oh, PS - I've read some people wondering what the big deal was about the Prez's speech to schoolchildren on Tuesday. In the end, nothing was wrong - because the dip emasculated his speech from "Thou shalt honor the President and him only shalt thou serve" to "Ummm... be cool... stay in.... school" (I'll bet the farm that he changed it - the preview lesson plan points that he had it one way and when parents got mad, he changed it). But I bring up the fact that in 1991, Democrats got their collective granny panties in a bunch when George HW Bush gave a speech to students. But when Barry Obama gave his little "Stay in School, Rah Rah" speech, he gets a medal and a pat on the back.

This is why I abandoned my journalist aspirations. I tend to become violently ill at this sort of hypocrisy and I have no desire to become bulimic.

If that pledge video gave you the jibbilies, check this one out. It'll ease the socialist sensation you're feeling.

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  1. Or is it possible that you abandoned your journalistic aspirations because you don't have an original thought in your head?

    Disagree? Look no further than the fact that your references are all opinion articles. Opinion being the opposite of fact.

    I hesitate in continuing this comment, merely because arguing with you is no more effective than arguing with a table. That's not a compliment.

    Let's just hope that for your sake, someone will take pity on you and claim you as a dependant before Daddy has to kick you off his policy. That way you will never experience searching for a job that offers half-decent benefits that still cost far more than they should.

    Let's hope that you or your future spouse or children never develop a serious illness that qualifies as a pre-existing condition- thus disqualifying you from any current coverage costing less than $500 a month- and that's just for an individual.

    Let's hope that you remain healthy and ignorant, mainly because I don't think you could handle having to wrap your head around actually admitting that having access to affordable healthcare is a good idea.

    Oh- and could you point out just where you found Obama's original speech? Pretty sure it's the one he gave. You know, it is okay to agree with a concept- even if you don't necessarily like the party they represent. And it's even okay to not say anything about it instead of saying something and looking like a defensive idiot- even if Fox News may lead you to believe otherwise.