Sunday, October 17, 2010

At Least Someone Named Francisco Does Something Good

Well, I guess the Niners won today.  So, Francisco is actually a very lucky name today.  Let's hear it for the one-handed catch!

I love my Colts.  To pieces.  But I am not loving this down-to-the-wire winning stuff.  Then again, I kind of grumble when the games are boring.  Upon further reflection, I don't know if I can handle this kind of nerve-wracking excitement.

When I first got home, the pre-SNF highlights showed all the games that my picks got wrong, so I thought that I had done terribly.  But I actually made a pretty decent 7-4 today (with the Titans-Jaguars game still to come).

I'm so glad that Johnny is NOT ribbing me about anything tonight. Whenever the Colts play in primetime, Johnny sits over here and makes his stupid little comments and snide little remarks (he doesn't like the Colts - he'd rather watch Backstreet Boy rejects masquerade as NFL quarterbacks). When the Colts lose, he is unbearable and I want to pop the little twerp. But when the Colts win, Johnny quietly takes his leave so I don't come down on him - I rarely do in these cases. It's like he thinks because he rags on me when the team I'm cheering for loses, that I will do the same to him. Granted, I sometimes do, but only if he's been overly obnoxious about it.

Bottom Line - Colts win! I can face the week *sigh in relief*

High Five Kid!

ETA:  My cousin had this little tidbit on her blog and I was on the floor.  I'm making it official - Tom Brady's new nickname is "Justin Bieber in a Helmet."   I seriously want someone from ESPN to pick this up - Boomer, Keyshawn, Frank Caliendo (even though he's with Fox Sports) - I don't care - just someone please make fun of this! (give it a spot on "C'mon Man!" - please!)

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