Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mom: "Why are you always in such liberal programs?" (and NFL Picks)

(NFL picks below the pointless blather).

I'm in my library classes this weekend and I am reminded of a comment my mother made to me some time ago.  I honestly have no idea why I am drawn to liberal professions while I remain ever-so-conservative in opinion.  Maybe it says something about my convictions that I can study literature, writing and library science in academia (which, I enjoy all three immensely) and still be a card-carrying member of the "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy" (she says tongue-in-cheek... more or less... ^_^)  I dunno... some people question my senses, but I manage to sleep at night.

Anyway - on to something COMPLETELY different - it's Saturday, which means that I have football picks to make!  Shoot, making predictions off the wrong schedule (as happened momentarily last week) do not impede me from making my picks - why should a little thing like a class weekend do the same?

As things stand, my season record is.. well, look for yourself: I was 8-6 last week, which brings my season-to-date record to 38-24.  And for the record - Max Hall did NOT lead the Cardinals to the win.  Drew Brees just sucked last week.  Arizona's defense ate the Saints' lunch.  I would even venture to say that Arizona won IN SPITE of Max Hall's "stumblin', bumblin', fumblin'" (Imma lookin' at you, Deseret News!  Zoobie-lovin'-Cocktail-Party-wussies...  I can't stand the Tribune either - bunch of pinko commies - so I just don't read either one unless something big happens that I really want to know about.  But then, that's what Google is for :3)

This week -

Seattle at Chicago - Ugh... Seattle (the Bears' season so far is just one big "C'Mon Man!"  Them and the Cowboys.  I find it quite hilarious ^_^)

Miami at Green Bay - I like Green Bay.  Not in a bandwagon-jumper kind of way (even though the Packers have been on my list of "Yes, I'll Cheer for You" teams since forever), but I like Green Bay to win.

San Diego at St. Louis - San Diego

Baltimore at New England - My upset pick for the week is Baltimore to defeat the Patriots (heck, it's not like there are never any upsets ever, right?)

New Orleans at Tampa Bay - The Saints are playing pissed (after getting beat by the Tempe Toilet Bowl? Hoooo-yeah...).  New Orleans will wipe the floor with the Bucs.

Detroit at NY Giants - Giants (all my Detroit jokes are getting old, even if they did win last week).

Atlanta at Philadelphia - The "Days of Our Lives" game of the week - Michael Vick's new team against Michael Vick's old team (and who knows if Vick is even going to be playing).  Coin toss - tails - Philly

Cleveland at Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh

Kansas City at Houston - Oh gosh... this should be a barn-burner (now that I've said that... it'll be a blowout).  In all honesty, I have high hopes for Kansas City so I will pick them.

Oakland at San Francisco - The Black Hole Crazies head across the bay to Wine-and-Dine Yuppie Town (among other things that SF is associated with - but I'm not getting into that one 'cause I actually like the Niners, even though they stink)... I guess I'll go with Oakland since they're probably high off their win against San Diego (which doesn't make sense, since San Diego is probably playing pissed and they'll eat St. Louis' lunch - so why would Oakland win if they won last week... but the Raiders are playing San Francisco - now I'm just talking in circles... but my pick is Oakland - that's all you need to know)

NY Jets at Denver - I guess I'll go with the home team - Denver

Dallas at Minnesota - Battle of the teams-that-should-have-been-good-but-actually-suck (at least, this season).  If I have a choice, I don't pick Dallas as a rule.  Minnesota.

Indianapolis at Washington - Redskins... you're playing the Colts... By the grace of God go you.  I'm going with Indy.

Tennessee at Jacksonville - Ever since going to ESPN, Monday Night Football had gotten some pretty crap games (though the Eagles-Niners game on NBC last Sunday wasn't exactly Must-See-TV).  Sooo... gosh... I think I'll go with the Titans.

Good - I got that done.  I've got a Halloween party tonight, which I am totally stoked for.  Pictures will be posted soon afterward ^_^

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