Friday, October 8, 2010

It's Time for Another "Good Day, Bad Day"

Hey-oh - it's FRIDAY! *parties*

It's been a long time since I've written much.  But I have an valid excuse - I have been working on my four-page ('cept mine is five, but my fifth page doesn't have much on it) website that is due on Tuesday.  I finally got it done, but I also have a group-project-research-literature-review thing due on Sunday and that's kicking our collective butt (I'm so stinking glad this research class is all group work because I don't have the first idea of what I'm doing).  But it's becoming hard to squeeze blogging in between school and work and the other projects I get up to.  So, my blogging life must suffer (but not entirely - 'cause here I am!  Yay!)

School was very good today - the kids practiced their play and I have to say that this was the BEST play practice we've had so far.  We spent last Friday working on our set arrangements, so we finally feel like we can practice changing scenes and working with lighting and it starts to feel like this is really going to happen!  Even the elementary school kids were on-par with their lines and what-not.  We even got to run through a quick curtain-call and I spent my prep hour deciding on what music cues to use and where.  It was brilliant.

Except... there's one boy that really doesn't have his heart in this and he'd much rather be doing something else.  But with our small numbers, we need everyone we can get.  And this kid doesn't really have very many lines (that was by design), but when it came time for his small scene, there was a big ol' fight and he quit the play - which, on some level is okay because I really don't want to deal with people that don't want to be there and have them ruin for everyone else.  I ended up reading his lines, which I will probably do until we decide who should play his part.  We're already doubled-up on roles as it is - but we might be able to get away with the kid playing Ghost of Christmas Future filling this role (this kid has been so supportive of this whole endeavor, which truly, truly surprised me - if you knew how big of a goofball he was during regular class, you'd be surprised too).  But this whole situation is kind of a black mark on an otherwise fantastic play practice.  Hopefully we can take the weekend and cool off and be fine on Monday.  I think when you spend an entire week in school with the exact same people day in and day out, you tend to get sick of each other by the weekend.  Shoot, I'm only there half a day every day and I need a break.  Things will be okay, I think.

But for now, I've got plenty to keep me busy.

PS - If you really want a post-a-day, my cousin has this "Blogtober" thing going that I thought was pretty cool, until I realized how much stuff I had to contend with this month. Be warned - many of her political views are opposite of mine, but she still has some pretty funny non-political things she says.  Somehow, we still manage to get along (in this grand Facebook-blogging-internet life we lead ^_^)

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