Monday, March 29, 2010

The End of the Beginning of the End

*sigh*... my life's over. I just found out today that this season is the last season of "24" - EVER! The only thing I have to say is that they'd better pick it up fast because ending this with Bubba Gump, Freddie and White Trash Boy-Toy's Mole Girl is not my idea of going out with a bang.

But, please - let me weep over my impending loss... (and keep all ignorant and idiotic comments to a minimum). What am I going to watch now?

Okay, cry-fest is over - let's enjoy the 24 Rehashes while we still have time to do so.


I guess it must be the end of "24" because Jack is suddenly not the only one who is clairvoyant to the bad guys' plans. Ethan has now magically gained the heretofore Jack-only power of being able to walk into a room where a dastardly plot has only been devised minutes beforehand and know exactly what the heck is going on. Sadly, Ethan has not been watching his cholesterol (Valiant effort, Mr. Secretary).

While we were watching tonight, the newest addition to our 24-watching group was surprised to find out there is a female president in "24." He remarked that in the scriptures somewhere it says that when women rule, men mourn (or something like that). I came back that we're mourning in real life, so what's the difference? And may I point out that President Allison Taylor has more cajones than our current real-life president has, so there (it's a foreshadowing of President Sarah Palin).

Renee Walker. ahem - I'll say it again - RENEE EFFING WALKER!!! Don't you just LOVE her??? Jack tries the whole "I love you darling, so I'm going to make you go somewhere safe while I risk my neck" thing and she comes back with "STFU, you need my help." And she KICKS ASS doing it!! Ah - Renee - we hardly knew ye.

Agent O'Connell (I think that was her name) - she is deserving of an honorary membership in Club Almeida/Dessler of Badass Coolness. Her and Owen - welcome my friends (get your applications in before we have to stop taking them).

President Hassan with a gun. Yeah, he's cool. I'll give him that. A word of advice to the Hassan women - don't try to run for your life in high heels.

Chloe is soooo going to bust Dana. Good riddance, I say. I don't even care how White Trash Boy-Toy factors into this plot - I just want the bimbo GONE!

Jack shooting crap up and busting the bad guys. Just savoring the moment...

Next Week - If Chuck Logan (aka the Nixon of the 24-verse) can show up to save the day in the 15th hour, then they can give Tony Almeida a BIG DAMN HERO moment in this swan song season. It's only fair that the character that has the second-most appearances in "24" be given a role here (only Jack has more). And I demand it.

I will try to not get all sappy and crap when this finally ends (I already did that with Harry Potter).

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