Monday, March 8, 2010

Guess I'll Just Sweat All Summer

The girls were out of school today, so Mom took all us sisters shopping for new clothes and I was excited - until we got there and found that everything was (a) out of my price range and (b) ugly beyond all reason. Like, fat old lady ugly. I`m really sad about this becuase all of my summer clothes are worn out and I could use a few new things. Most of the cute thing I own are for the depths of winter. I hate dressing for summer.

Wait a sec... when did I become so clothes-conscious? I used to hate this crap. Now I`m all... girly. Ugh...

In my defense, I didn`t get much sleep last night. My sister, the Fireplace Nazi, wouldn`t let us turn the electric fire on last night, so the basement was freezing and I was up until about 2:00 trying to fall asleep. Then I threw on a pair of socks and stole a blanket from the aformentioned Nazi`s bed and all was well (Holy Jimmy Carter... XP)

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