Monday, March 15, 2010

Instead of Nuclear Holocaust, You Get the 15th Century

Before I get into the "24" Rehash - can I just say that the night sky out here is brilliant beyond all reason? Where I used to live had a great view, but when you get out in the sticks with absolutely zero outside lighting - there are stars that show up that I don't even think NASA has seen yet. Just - wow. You city-dweller-types are missing out. See what happens when you punt on third down? (I think only my flist will get that obscure reference, but they are my flist and as such are entitled to certain inside benefits) ^_^

Okay - that's enough of the Discovery Channel. And on to "24!"


My creativity's back! Huzzah!

Dana's toast. I know I said it last week, but it never gets old. Can't she just call White Trash Boy-Toy a stalker and get it over with??? Who knew that the Hazzard County Parole Board would be so connected? Jeez - he's got every NYPD guy on speed dial.

Speaking of New York's Finest - this is the only show I know of that portrays NYPD as a bunch of chumps. I guess the whole not-believing-Jack-Bauer-even-though-he's-r
ight-99.99%-of-the-time knows no law enforcement agency bounds (Oh, and the .01% of the time he's wrong, that's just because they need to have something for Chloe to do).

The whole "File 33" shock-and-awe thing was a little lost on me. It was like they wanted all of the audience to fall out of their chairs and go "NOOOOOOO - YOU CAN'T DOOOOO THAT!!!!!!" - but none of us did.

Teran is an ass. Kayla's an idiot for believing the ass. Daddy President should have clobbered the ass when he had the chance (I guess Jack's the only one around here who's allowed to be aware of his inner-terrorist-creepward-alarm. Well, boogers).

Now that CTU is down for the count, two things are going to happen - Jack is FINALLY going to get the free rein he deserves (but without Chloe running tactical - well, it just adds a new challenge to the situation). And Dana caught the luckiest damned break in the history of forever (boo...) Whatever - just as long as Jack starts shooting crap, I'll be happy.

Oh, and you know what's really weird? I was recently reading a series about the impending Second Coming and the terrorists in that book use an EMP over all of the United States to throw everyone in the country into chaos. It was a little creepy watching tonight's episode with that in my brain... Hm...

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