Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Wrap-Up

Just came back from a baptism (yay!) They are rare events out here in our tiny corner of the Lord's vineyard, but it reminded me of my mission *is nostalgic all of a sudden*

But now I have boatloads of homework to finish and I needed to reprint one of the articles I'm assigned to read because I can't read the microscopic print on the one I originally did (sometimes, conserving paper and ink is just not worth it - to hell with the trees if I can save my dwindling eyesight). And this thing had four - count 'em FOUR pages of bibliography (and each printed page is a two-page spread from the textbook, so, yeah, it's more than a little ridiculous). If I'd paid better attention before I hit print, I could have completely skipped all that garglemesh. But that's neither here nor there.

In other news, I've been on a "Wicked" kick lately and on the way back from the baptism, I was singing along to the soundtrack. I was being a goofball and trying to hit all the high notes on "Defying Gravity." And I did pretty good for being so out of practice. But the very last part where Elphaba holds that really long "Bring Me Down!" my vocal cords gave out. But I was sooo close! Well, as much as I did, I'm quite proud of myself.

And I have a big week coming up - going shopping with Mom and my sisters and my aunt is going through the temple on Friday! If you're not LDS, just know that this is sort of a big deal and it's even bigger for my aunt because she's come a long way to be able to do this. The best way I can describe what going through the temple for the first time is that at baptism, you make pretty important promises with God to be the best you can be and follow His commandments and He blesses you. In the temple, we make even more promises which help us come closer to the possibility of becoming like Christ. Everything in the temple directs us to the Savior and helps us remember Him even better than we could without that perspective. We don't talk what goes on in the temple outside the temple and we catch some flack for that. But I think what some people don't know is that those of us what have been to the temple don't even discuss it amongst ourselves because it's simply not appropriate to do so. It's like trying having a deep heart-to-heart with your significant other at something as rowdy as a football or basketball game. It just isn't the right place for such a conversation. But I digress - if you're curious, I certainly encourage honest questions (not ones that just want to be belligerent or prove some kind of ignorant point that I'm going to hell because I'll shut you off right there - I don't debate religion. Period. It accomplishes nothing other than a nasty fight over something that is really stupid to be fighting about). If you want to have an honest discussion, by all means, let me know and we can PM or something. But that's what that's all about and I'm really excited for my aunt, so I must share my excitement with my friends! :)

Anyway, I have work to get done and I should wrap this up. Have a great rest of your weekend!

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