Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This is What You Got Your Merit Badge in Kayaking For!

I'm on the shiiiiiiny computer in Delta today ("Star Trek" ain't got nothin' on this bad boy). And through the combine efforts of DVR and Hulu, I was able to catch both "24" and "The Big Bang Theory" a day late, but never a dollar short.

Spoilers, yes. Laughs aplenty, even more yes (and heaven knows I need them):

***SPOILERS LIE IN WAIT TO EAT PUPPIES AND SMALL CHILDREN (someone call the pansies from KSL News!)***

The Big Bang Theory - Excelsior!!

I always pictured Stan Lee as this kindly old grandfatherly comic book artist. Proving once again that Laker fans are nice when they need to be, but when the cute little fanboys start showing up, you're better off being Penny (poor Sheldon - but he is an arrogant genius and he really ought to tone it down. This is why I fangirl Leonard)

I want one of those t-shirts Raj had. And he finally got to express something in front of Penny without having to go through a mediator!! Awww... I'm so proud of him. Even though all he did was push a button that made the "ehhh." sound from those old 60s game shows - it's progress!!

Leonard's Spider-Man ringtone made me smile. (I want a Leonard. I really do. He's so cuddly ^_^)

I wanted to cry for Stuart. It takes a special sort of comic book store proprietor to be stood up by eight stray cats.

I don't write too much about TBBT because it's just so darn funny on it's own. What do you need jokes from me for?

On to "24" -

The Lady of Shalott Meets the Swamps of New York - Or was that Ophelia of "Hamlet?" My knowledge of literature has been rusty of late.

Dana and Freddie are pretty much done. It's only a matter of time before they get caught. Sheesh - Freddie's as bad as Jenny Scott was/is/whatever (this name-change business is fricking screwed up). You should have just come clean, Nancy - I mean Dana (crap, now I'm even more confused).

One, two, three - AWWWWW... for Jack/Renee. I hope Miss Renee isn't done this season. And you know what, I think Rob has some kind of vendetta against Renee. Or maybe Bubba Gump. Anyway, he's pissed at somebody. I haven't seen someone that vengeful since Sum Ting Wong showed up to cart Jack off at the end of season 5 (I'm going to get shot for that joke).

Nothing gets a president and his estranged wife un-estranged faster that the prospect of their daughter having run off with the heretofore trustworthy head of security. All I have to say to President Dennis Miller Hassan is that you had your blonde American bimbo - at least Kayla stayed within the country for her fling.

Today, You Become a Man - Can I get a "Big Damn Hero" for The Boy Scout Formerly Known As Owen?? The kid is about to pass out from the sheer stress of being cornered by a suicide bomber (who is actually just out of diapers himself) and he pulls it off! There is much Owen love from the "24"-verse today.

What's the betting Marcos wets himself before he gets the bomb re-wired next week? I'm not even remotely worried about the situation. He wasn't this big of a pansy when he played the Pharoah in "Night at the Museum." What the heck happened?

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