Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Now the Dog is On My Lap...

Scout wants attention and she doesn't want me to blog today. Well, guess what, Puppy -

Okay, I'll go let you out...

All right - the dog is outside now. So, inbetween watching mourning for my country and watching Pearl Harbor get bombed again (this time, by a guy in the White House), I managed to catch "24" and "The Big Bang Theory." And I realized that life will go on in spite of all this crap. And the Rehashes must continue as well.

First - TBBT -

It's official. I am an unashamed Leonard fangirl. In spite of Sheldon walking out in that extremely HOT suit - mothers, hide your daughters! - I wanted to give Leonard a big *squish* hug because his stupid mother compared him to his stupid brother and made my Lenny-poo cry (there - I gave Leonard a nickname).

Sheldon and shopping for a suit - "I found it in the prom department." XD

Howard's "pretending to give a damn" power doesn't count. I do that every day.

I wonder where I can find that YouTube video... on second thought... maybe not

Okay - to "24"!


A moment of silence please, for our favorite CTU Boy Scout, Owen. If that other dork hadn't peed his pants, everything would have been just fine (just like Jack said. If I had a nickel for every time that happened...)

While we are mourning, can I get a big hand for our favorite smarty-pants genius Chloe? She's been around Jack waaaay too long to be just like these protocol Nazis. And Dana's "oh shit" look was priceless (of course, we're all thinking that maybe Chloe will be able to find that damning file so the Hazzard County Parole Officer will know she was in with White Trash Boy-Toy - but more on that later).

Speaking of crash and burn romance - poor little Kayla - next time, do a background check on Prince Charming. But give Daddy the credit for knowing what was best - even though we all thought he was crazy (and he actually kinda was crazy at the time).

Renee Walker - I'll say it again - RENEE EFFING WALKER!! Shows up to save the day - and mere seconds after Jack made Cole promise to make Bubba Gump keep his promise to keep Renee out of play. Jack - I know you're not used to hearing this (and we're not used to saying it, either), but you might not be the only BIG DAMN HERO anymore (and you probably should accept the help).

Back to Dana - ummm... she doesn't watch CSI, does she? Where's the first place they're going to look for the body? Wherever its stench is, that's where. Yet - *exhales exasperatedly* - how does this whole White Trash Boy-Toy fit in with her mole profile? And what about Freddie-poo? Oh, is he going to love this. I hope he can get back the deposit on the tux.

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