Sunday, March 14, 2010

Well, This is Quite Fortuitous

We had Branch Conference today and there was quite the happy announcement that I knew was coming, but it's really cool to announce it when it's all official and junk. In April, there will be a singles branch in Delta! It officially starts April 18th and I am ecstatic beyond all reason.

Not that I don't like going to church at my home branch. In fact, if I could just go there, I would. But people make idiotic comments and wonder when you're going to start dating and when are you going to leave the home fires to seek your fortune? (Individuals who are nicer than me refer to this as "Those with an underdeveloped sense of appropriateness." I just call it "Those who like to make asses of themselves.")

When I got on the plane to come home from my mission, I had a lot of weird emotions. One was that I was excited to come home, but sad to leave Florida. But another thought I had was that I had no idea where I was going to live or even where I would go to church. I have already chronicled my hate and disdain for singles wards. And that was just a student ward - I haven't carped about actual singles wards that aren't attached to a college.

Coming home, I did NOT want to relocate to Salt Lake for any reason because when I lived there a couple years ago, I learned that people go to Salt Lake singles wards to just ferment until they turn 35. That's just not something I fancy doing. But what other options are left to me? Provo and/or Orem? (I think I just threw up in my mouth...)

The stake I finished my mission in had a singles branch very like what the Delta 8th Branch will be. And I liked how they ran things. It was a smaller group (well, duh, it's a branch) and they were all pretty close-knit. And it didn't seem like they were all expected to "just" get married (which is one of my biggest beefs about singles wards/branches). They all had a lot more in common with each other and they actually had fun instead of just manufacturing their fun. So, I'm happy about this.

(Dang, Utah State Aggies playing Texas A&M Aggies... Hee hee hee ^_^)

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