Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Well, This Is a Great Time to Deny It!

ARGGGH!!! I just had my "24" rehash AND my analysis of "The Big Bang Theory" typed up - then I hit "post" and it all WENT AWAY!! And it didn't post!! I must go cry...

Okay - I'm back - will try to reconstruct... (stupid didn't copy/paste... stupid, stupid, stupid... *headdesk*)

Since I was coming home last night, I missed "24" and "The Big Bang Theory." But - that's what DVR is for!

Short carp session - can someone explain to me why I schedule myself for so much crap this week? It's all stuff I want to do (some are a lot more fun than others *points to Thursday night*). And since my car is still in the shop, I am at the mercy of others for rides into town. Luckily, in the "I am blessed" column, my dad is coming back to the desert tomorrow night and then he has to go back Thursday morning and has agreed to let me hitch a ride. And before you all say "Are you crazy?" let me just mention that this is normal for my family. And yes, we're crazy.

Okay - "The Big Bang Theory" - last week was Stan Lee and Marvel, this week was Lord of the Rings. It's has been a non-stop-geekery-fest for me these past two weeks. Watch - next week will be Narnia or Harry Potter :)

Things to love:

- Sheldon going Gollum (and here I thought he'd just drop the Ring down the drain)

- Penny punching Sheldon when he tried to molest her in the middle of the night and Leonard going "That's my girl."

- Leonard. He just wins.

- Raj's lawyer cousin and the jet-ski ultimatum

- Howard flinging insults at Sheldon's Me-Maw and Sheldon's resultant indignation.

- Leonard's total sell of having sent the Ring back to New Zealand and really he had it stash under his bed in a shoebox (Anything Leonard, really. Have I mentioned he wins at life. Too bad - he wins at life).

On to "24" - I am more concerned with these spoilers because if I spoil "24" for people, they hate me more.


It's about time Chloe got a little more love around this place. Do you see how much has gotten done since Dana and Freddie went AWOL?

Speaking of Dana - Honey, the time to deny you know White Trash Boy-Toy is when CTU security first called you about him, not when the Hazzard County parole officer flies in from Podunk and calls you in the middle of the night. My bet is that Dana's gone by the time McDonald's starts selling breakfast.

Arlo is an idiot. He's the Milo of season 8 - hormonal, whiny and a pain in the butt.

Don't you just love it when the terrorists are all "Ha ha - you stupid federal agents and your stupid code of ethics" and Jack is all "Dude, I'm not a federal agent." I bet Marcos wet himself a little more at that line. But I highly doubt that Jack would make Mommy Al-Farquad clean up her son out of the chamber. Ewwwwww....

Speaking of Mommy Al-Farquad (and I can't remember her name for the life of me and the 24 Wiki isn't working right now, so that's her name), it's nice to see a blonde be reasonable and not ask stupid questions and obstruct CTU when they're trying to do their job. Then again, Jack sent Freddie in to collect her, so it had to be pretty easy.

Daddy President had a total Jack Bauer "I'm-right-and-nobody-believes-me!" moment and he didn't even know it!

Kayla has a perfect excuse to dawdle in the hotel room until CTU gets there - "Honey, I'm going to take a 20 minute shower because you were only in there for 20 seconds and why let all that hot water go to waste?"

What will next weeks' plot twist be? Renee's in with the terrorists? Kayla's been feeding intel to the bad guys this whole time? TONY SHOWS UP TO BE ALL AWESOME AND JUNK?? *hope springs eternal* Or is it just Freddie's really a girl (well, that's not much of a plot twist). I really have no clue - I'm just throwing stuff out there.

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