Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness - Round 1.1.2

Well, my bracket is shot to heck. I have Northern Iowa, Ohio and St. Mary's to thank for all that. Oh well, I've never been one to put much stock in predictions (which is why I've never put money on it).

I discussed this with my friend Dallas today - you pick teams with your head, but you cheer with your heart. I've made it a policy of mine: if I have no one to cheer for or against, I cheer for the lower seeded team. This is what makes the NCAA Basketball tournament so much fun (and the football BCS system such a joke) - pretty much anyone has a chance to win (unless you're a 15 or 16 seed, then you just enjoy the fact that you were there). The Cinderella teams are endearing and just flat-out fun to watch because no one expects them to do anything, but all of a sudden, they've beaten #3 Georgetown. And they enjoy doing it.

The most boring tournament happened a few years ago (in 2007? I don't remember the exact year) when there were no Cinderella teams. The NCAA selection committee were congratulating themselves for "getting it right" (whatever the crap that means), but the fans wanted to shoot themselves in the head - who on Earth wants to cheer for Duke or Kentucky? (unless you actually went to Duke or Kentucky).

Well, Washington is gaining on Marquette. Boogers... (now watch - the teams I picked as upsets won't even fly a fart in the direction of a win).

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