Thursday, September 23, 2010

Digging the Shamy

I'm about sick of these stupid TV spots for that "Wall Street" movie.  Not gonna see it, so quit trying to sell me on it. I'm sick of that... so here's a video of Katy Perry on Sesame Street - mostly because it's been stuck in my head all day:

"The Big Bang Theory" season premiere was tonight - and since this is the only show I'm really excited to see this year, it's getting the weekly rehashes... well, until the "Doctor Who" Christmas Special comes out.


Okay, I like Sheldon's insistence that he and Amy aren't a couple.  It would have been weird if all of a sudden Sheldon is actually dating someone.  Of course, it's Sheldon - this isn't going to be a normal sitcom romantic relationship (which I actually find refreshing).

I'll say one thing about Sheldon and Amy's "date" (can you even consider it a date if they're being supervised by Penny?) - those two definitely know how to hold the mirror up.  I would say "poor Penny"... but she almost deserves it (I swear, she was almost ready to cry - but then I realized she was just asking for a drink).

All of Penny's attempt at creating conversation is exactly why I hate dating.

I LOVE Sheldon's attitude about already knowing the things he should know.  And I saw his remark about growing up in Texas coming a mile away.

MUGGLES!! XD  Pretty much this whole episode was XD

Howard's misfortune... yeah, that's pretty much normal for Howard.  With all the abnormality with Sheldon and Amy (abnormal for Sheldon, anyway) they had to play it "business as usual" for the rest of the cast.  Even down to Raj's "Winnie the Pooh" remark.

Usually it's the computer geeks condescendingly telling you to turn the computer off and back on when you have a problem... but yay for the nurse at the hospital.

After all is said and done - I do hope they're going to flesh out Amy a little bit. With this being the first episode that Amy is really featured, they still managed to make the Sheldon vs. Penny dynamic the focus of the episode.  Please fix.

Man, it's a lot harder to do rehashes for a comedy.  Usually I'm making fun of a show in these things, but this one already makes fun of itself.  Hmm...

Oh that's good - the teacher that's at school in the afternoon just called and asked me to sub for her tomorrow.  Yay for more hours!

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